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Kit Includes: 2 Guides + 3 Audios


Find Him, Keep Him E-Book: A practical step-by-step guide for women to get the love they desire and deserve.


Be Loveable
Determine how open to love you really are, and see the areas that are blocking the RIGHT man from showing up. 


Understand Your Feminine Power
Learn how to activate your feminine power more to attract the love of your life.

Identify Your Ideal Man
Discover a simple excercise to outline your ideal man and relationship.
Date Like a Diva
Learn a modern day twist on dating that makes it easier to find your new boo


This is a practical guide that is filled with insight, womanly wisdom, dating tips, and a BONUS chapter on: Understanding Men which will increase your understanding of men and show you how to KEEP a man with proven relationship success secrets.
“This guide was a blessing! I read it in one sitting. Completed the journal prompts. Set up an online dating profile. I questioned the dating method at first because I was scared to have so many men interested inme, but I have been trying it for a few weeks, and I have 2 dates coming up. This has been a God send. I now know how to be more sensual and interact with men on a whole new level! ” -Tylyssa Carter



Magnetic with Men Workbook: A 21 day step-by- step guided workbook  for women to get the love they desire and deserve.

Broken into 3 sections, each day you will complete an exercise that gets you one step closer to manifesting your future husband.

You will receive:

  • 21 daily journal prompts and practical action items
    • Week 1 (Days 1-7): Heal Your Heart
    • Week 2 (Days 8-14): Shift Your Vibe
    • Week 3 (Days 15-21): Attract Your Guy
  • Proven daily “Future Hubby” Ritual (includes prayer, affirmation, and list of tools to amplify your soulmate vibe and energy to call him in)


Here is a sneak peak inside:


 **This is only available digitally


  • Get the Love You Deserve Masterclass Audio
  • Magnetic with Men Masterclass Audio
  • How to Heal Your Trust Issues Masterclass Audio


“Before Unleash your Fierce I was talking to men that were not suitable for me. I learned I am worthy of love.  I also learned ways to enhance my feminine magnetism. This helped me be free and enjoy dating my husband . As we dated prior to getting married I felt  free and worthy of all the love I know I deserved . ”
-Kecia Smith

“Taria, just today a man walked up to me and said, “God, you’re pretty”. It’s working. Thank you for all you’ve taught me.”  -Shana Robinson

“I think the affirmations and magnetic relating is working!! Today a man helped me take my groceries out of my cart and put on the counter for the cashier to ring up. Then, the EMT guy at work who picks up patients said he liked my hair. I was cheesin’. Granted, none of them asked me for my number, but just the acknowledgment and attention felt so good.” –Sasha R.


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