Coaching Program

Go from Settling, Struggling, Doubting, and Attracting the Wrong Men to a

FIERCE, MAGNETIC POWERHOUSE of a woman in 21 days…

Magnetic with Men is a three-week  coaching experience that will help you interrupt old patterns with men, change your inner vibration, and elevate your magnetism.

It’s 3 weeks full of inner heart healing for women interested in shifting their vibe, attracting better men, and calling in their divine life partner.

“My wife Beyonce’, I brag different.” – Jay-Z



•Loves and accepts you for you are

•Follows through and is a man of his word

•Values, cherishes, and honors you like a Queen

•Communicate effectively and shares his emotions appropriately

•Knows your worth and acts accordingly

•Is in alignment with your values and vision for your life

•Desires marriage and starting a family

•Committed to you and ONLY you

Imagine having:

• A man whose vision and values are in alignment with yours

• A man who protects you, provides for your, and is unafraid to profess his love to you daily

• A healthy, positive, and loyal relationship

• A man you are proud to introduce to your family and post on social media

• A man who is serious about marriage and committed to being with you forever 

• A deep feeling of peace and divine assurance that he is the “one” for you

• Freedom from trust issues and baggage from your past relationships and exes

If you can imagine how different your life would be, sharing it with a man who honors, values, and cherishes you, then this Bootcamp is for you…

This program will show you how to become the Mrs. you desire to be.

M= Magnetic  R=Regal  S=Single (No More)

Here is what we’ll cover in this program:

  • Heal emotional unavailability, trust issues, and lack of commitment

·        Own your worth and have a set standard that you abide by

·        Forgive past lovers and release old baggage

·        Learn how to attract and select the right “men” to enter into relationship with

·       Discover effective communication strategies to use with men

·       Shift your energy and vibe from over giving and overdoing to opening, receiving, and allowing love into your life

·       Reprogram your attraction magnetism


You will receive:

  • 21 daily audios and workbook to complete each day
  • Week 1 (Days 1-7): Heal Your Heart
  • Week 2 (Days 8-14): Shift Your Vibe
  • Week 3 (Days 15-21): Attract Your Guy
  • Proven daily “Future Hubby” Ritual (includes prayer, affirmation, and list of tools to amplify your soulmate vibe and energy to call him in)

Each day you will receive an audio, here are the topics for each day:

1-Preparing for Your Husband
2-Interrupt the Pattern
3- Childhood Wounds
4- Releasing Your Ex(es)
5- Letting Go of Fear
6- Relationships are Teachers
7- Be Magnetic
8- Love = Happiness
9-Be Playful
10- Be Feminine
11- Be Sensual
12- Be Sweet
13- Be Open
14- Visualize Love
15- Assests
16- Dating
17- Relating
18-Act As If
19-Make Room
20- Write Him a Letter


Ciara found true love after leaving a bootleg relationship.

For 21 days, you will receive:

One audio per day (on topics such as: self-love, releasing past relationships, healing your father wound, emotional unavailability, dating, preparing for marriage, attraction, communication, commitment and more + guided mediations & visualizations)

“That’s because who you see is who she is — the brilliant, funny, generous woman who, for whatever reason, agreed to marry me…think people gravitate to her because they see themselves in her — a dedicated mom, a good friend, and someone who’s not afraid to poke a little fun at herself from time to time.” -Barack Obama

For each of the 21 days, you will also have daily journal prompts and exercises to complete using the Magnetic with Men Workbook.



In addition, you will get access to my ebook, Find Him, Keep Him which you will refer to on specific days of the Bootcamp.

Inside of the Find Him, Keep Him, you will receive the following:

Chapter 1: Be Loveable
Determine how open to love you really are, and see the areas that are blocking the RIGHT man from showing up. 


Chapter 2: Understand Your Feminine Power
Learn how to activate your feminine power more to attract the love of your life.

Chapter 3: Identify Your Ideal Man
Discover a simple excercise to outline your ideal man and relationship.
Chapter 4: Date Like a Diva
Learn a modern day twist on dating that makes it easier to find your new boo

This is a practical guide that is filled with insight, womanly wisdom, dating tips, and a BONUS chapter on: Understanding Men which will increase your understanding of men and show you how to KEEP a man with proven relationship success secrets.


What makes this Bootcamp different from other relationship programs is that it is a holistic program, this 21 day journey is focused on getting you personally in alignment mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually so that you can be more successful romantically because…


“You don’t attract what you WANT,

you attract what you are.”



You’ll get:

• Daily audios and exercises via email for 21 days

• Magnetic with Men Workbook

• Find Him, Keep Him E-Book

• Three Relationship Masterclasses (see below)

• Magnetic Woman High Vibrating Eating Plan


Here are your BONUS Masterclasses:

Class #1: Men 101: Why He is Inconsistent and Won’t Commit

Inside of this masterclass, you will learn:

  • Reasons why men are usually inconsistent and unable to commit
  • The #1 thing you are responsible for in relationships
  • 3 ways to inspire a man to be more consistent and commit to you
  • What to do when he wants a commitment but you’re not ready


Class #2: He Said: She Said: How to Communicate Like a Queen to Attract a King

Inside of this masterclass, you will learn:

  • Why men and women struggle to understand each other sometimes
  • The one connection you must have before having sex with a man
  • What to say via text and phone to show you are a high value woman
  • The best way to hook a man in with your words, make him feel appreciated, or show that you have boundaries
  • Additional resources to help you increase your communication with men


Class #3: Gentleman Status: How to Attract a Committed and Emotionally Available Man

Inside of this masterclass, you will learn:

  • How to inspire your man to be a respectful gentleman and planner for you and your future family
  • How to empower your future hubby spiritually
  • Why it’s so important to nurture and take care of yourself first (even once you are in a relationship or married)
  • The secret key to encourage your man to be emotionally available and communicate with you daily


Class #4: How to Prepare to Become a Wife

Inside of this masterclass, you will learn:

  • How R & B singer Fantasia can inspire your journey to become a wife
  • The truth about the men who will come into your life from this point on
  • How your calling and purpose helps you manifest your husband quicker
  • The highest vibrational energy that gets you closer to your husband and God
  • The book that will inspire you to be magnetic with men
  • What you need to get in order before becoming a wife





“So this morning I did have my meltdown as I finally realized” the guy” was just not that into me. HOWEVER, I’m proud of myself for getting in my prayer closet, crying and letting it go. I’m even more proud that I went to the mirror and affirmed myself and decreed myself whole, happy, beautiful and worthy of love. If this were last year, I would still be lying in bed the whole day. Now I’m dressed and extremely elated, happy and on my way to get my passport. Again, this all started with YOU!! Thank you for being that light for sooooo many women and myself!!! YOU ROCK!!!”

-Shana Robinson


“Before Unleash your Fierce I was talking to men that were not suitable for me. I learned I am worthy of love.  I also learned ways to enhance my feminine magnetism. This helped me be free and enjoy dating my husband . As we dated prior to getting married I felt  free and worthy of all the love I know I deserved . ”

-Kecia Smith


It’s time for you to interrupt your old patterns, change your vibration, and elevate your magnetism!

Break Every Chain Audio Set (Early Bird)

(valued at $111)
  • Available on September 10, 2017
  • Audio series and workbook on healing and breaking every thing blocking you from healing the 5 c’s
  • Includes:
  • 12 Tenets of Self-Love Class
  • VALUE: Elevating Your Self-Worth
  • Cure Childhood Wounds & Generational Curses
  • Heart Healing Detox Bath Instructions and Prayer
  • Break  Every Chain Set positions you to master the 5 c’s:
  • Committing to yourself and God
  • Clarity of your worth, value, vision, and purpose
  • Confidence to show up as a fierce and powerful woman
  • Courage to open your heart again
  • Capacity to give and receive love
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  • All self-paced
  • Perfect for busy women who want to go through the material on their own time.
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