I am not even sure where to begin, but what I do know is that I am happier, more confident, and more energized than ever before. I shared why I started my health journey in a previous post.

Since starting this journey in the beginning of January I have lost 36 pounds as of today. It is at the point where others are noticing, and so can I. Not only did I start this journey for my own personal reasons, but I also joined a challenge with my blogger buddies, Bloggers Like Me, which challenged each participant to contribute $10 registration fee which would be totaled up and given as a prize to the participants who lost the most amount of weight from Jan 7-April 7, 2013. Guess who won? Me!

Many people ask me how I did it. I am happy to share what worked for me. Just keep in mind you will have to find what works for you, but there are a few basics that anyone can follow to lose weight

Check me out Before and After:

Before: mebefore  After: TPRegal2013

My ultimate goal is to lose 80 pounds, and be the smallest I’ve ever been in my whole life!


I want to emphasize the three main things I did that contributed to my weight loss.

Detoxing, Clean Eating, and Exercising.

If you don’t remember anything else from this, please take away those three things.

Here are the main rules I lived by on my health journey:

1.      Exercise vs. Eating

I learned early on through research and reading: If you want to be slim, eat the right foods. If you want to be fit do the right moves. You don’t have to exercise to be slim, but if you want to be toned then you should work out. In the past, I would only focus on working out, and not change my eating habits—but NO NO!


2. Eating REAL Good Food + Recipes

I ate clean 90% of the time (or 6 days a week). Eating clean is eating food in its most natural, whole, and fresh state. It is the idea of eating for nourishment rather than pleasure. Limiting processed foods is a biggie! I found fabulous and easy to replicate recipes on Pinterest, Skinny Mom, The Gracious Pantry, and 100 Days of Real Food—great inspiration! Normally on weekends, I would give myself a “cheat day” but not for every meal of the day…still very conscious of what I was eating!


3. Food Substitutions    

  I made clean eating substitutes in the food that was in the house such as switching white bread, white pasta, white flour for whole grain bread, whole grain pasta, and wheat flour. Instead of regular Cheetos, I purchased Baked Cheetos. Minor swaps did work wonders!


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4.     Weight Loss Inspiration!

I watched and followed people who lost significant amounts of weight on Youtube (My Favs: Beautiful Brown Baby Doll, DIVA Slims Down, Plus Size Kimonica and followed success stories on Tumblr and Facebook such as Black Women Losing Weight. Therefore, I was continually seeing before/after photos and reading stories daily about people who were just like me who succeeded. They gave me hope and offered great ideas when it came to grocery shopping, tightening your skin, and a host of other things.

5. Excercise 

       I discovered early on that I didn’t care for the gym or classes so I turned my living room into my own personal gym and ordered beginner programs from that I believed I would enjoy—which I did. Over time I added in weights to give myself some strength training in addition to cardio. I work out 4-6x per week.

6.  Daily Meals  

  I ate 5-6x per day. Usually this included three normal meals and 2 snacks

7.  Reading Food Labels  

  I paid attention to food labels while in the store, and paid close attention to my daily consumption of sugar, sodium, fiber, protein, carbs, and calories. Of course I researched how much I needed daily for my body.


8. Beverages

      I only drank water, and nothing else except a kid’s size water ice. Eliminated mixed drinks during happy hour once I realized how many calories it added up to.

9.      Portion Control

I portioned all meals, and was very conscious to not overeat! For example, at restaurants I would always take home half of my meal with me.

10.   Restaurant Survival

When eating out, I always ate off the lighter or “xyz calories” or less menu, and still boxed half of those portions. Eat This, Not That website and books came in handy for this often.  

11. Tracking Progress

   I weighed myself the same time, on the same day (Sundays at 8am) every week, and tracked it in a journal along with my reflections on the week and goals for the next week. Also, took pictures along the way and measure didn’t body parts to track differences over time ie. arms, thighs, waist, etc.

12. Limiting Meat

   I am not a vegan or vegetarian but I try to only eat meat once per day.

13.   Detox Jumpstart

To jumpstart my weight loss I did a three-week detox, in which I became a vegan for three weeks, and it wasn’t always easy. However, I lost 5 pounds after the first week. This included a green drink which I have slacked on making recently.

14.   The Fat Comes Out at Night

Therefore, I don’t eat after 8pm. If I do, it has to be a really small portion of something, and this happens only occasionally.

15.   Meal Planning

I plan and prepare meals ahead of time. I pack fruit snack bags nightly, and plan out each meal out mentally. I plan out dinners sometimes, not always but the more planning and preparation the better your results. Occasionally I write it out. In the beginning I wrote it out more until I fully got the hang of this new lifestyle. It prevents you from eating other unhealthy things.

All of these things I will continue to do for the rest of my life! I admit that it does get hard sometimes. Returning to your prior eating lifestyle of the Standard American Diet can get tempting, especially when you are out with friends, at a family function, or even in your own house if everyone doesn’t eat clean.

Those foods are EVERYWHERE! It is honestly much easier to eat that way because it is so accessible. I had my moments along this journey where I had to resist but not many! Happy to say I survived, and if I can do this and succeed, so can you!


Interested in making this a REALITY for you this year?

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Have you tried to lose weight before and failed?

Have you tried to lose weight before and succeeded?

Do you have a question that I didn’t answer already?

Have any words of encouragement for me? Did this post inspire you?