By: Amber Genise of  Pretty Blue Rose

Ahh, the game of Chutes and Ladders. I loved this game as a kid, and now as an adult I see it really represents life…but not in the way you may think.

In the classic game, ladders advance you to “win” and chutes set you back. As a kid, I recall as soon as I got in a groove towards winning, I’d get a chute and have to slide back to the beginning–it’s was  just miserable. What’s worse was watching other people climb ladders when I was slowly moving square by square. The game taught me to enjoy the good (ladders) and dread the bad (chutes). But I’m offering an alternative perspective.

Perhaps the chutes are not bad. I’d offer that chutes are ultimately a transitional device that allow you to re-invent yourself by transferring skills and knowledge gained from either a previous work position or life experience. Chutes give you time to re-evaluate your current position in time for the next ladder opportunity.

The fast, out of control downward movement, seems to be wrong and feels bad, but try to change your perspective. When you are sliding down, you don’t have to use any energy. So you can also think of the chutes as a time of rest allowing you to refocus. Use your sliding time wisely.

Ladders, on the other hand, involve effort–you must climb a ladder. The movement upward can be traveling outside of your comfort zone to expand your skills and mind set to advance you towards your goals and dreams.

So rather than think about the downward movement (chutes) as negative and upward movement (ladders) as positive, see them for what they really are: transitions, both of which are moving you to where you need to be. Also take the time to rest (rather than kick and scream) during your chutes so that you have the energy to climb your ladders.

stay inspired and enjoy the journey.