By: Amber Genise of Pretty Blue Rose

As I’ve gotten older, I have noticed my love of being comfortable. I get on the same metro car for my morning commute, walk the same route to the metro during my evening commute, and eat the same one of two things for my weekday breakfast (eggs and bacon or oatmeal). From my comfortable place, I also love to observe others so I can learn from them, but that leaves me as a spectator.

I really admire and respect the doers, especially the entrepreneurs, the risk takers, and the disciplined folks that make it happen. I think that’s part of the reason the Olympics are so captivating. We are in awe of what humans can do—not only physically but mentally. We are in awe of how the athletes push themselves past their comfort zone, not once, but over and over.

But stepping out of a comfort zone doesn’t have to result in winning a gold medal. It can be something as simple as driving a different route to work or wearing a different belt with “the usual” outfit. Heck, part your hair on the other side!

Today’s challenge is to step outside of your comfort zone and as you gain more confidence, you will take greater leaps while inspiring others to do the same.

So when you approach the intersection of  Same Old Way Road and Something New Avenue–hang a right :)