Arian Simone, known as the queen of overcoming her fears is the creator of Fearless Magazine, founder of Arian Simone Enterprises, and visionary beyond Esther’s Experience, her beauty products line.

After moving to Los Angeles for a job she was laid off within a year. She grew up middle class, privileged, and happy. She moved from her apartment to her car. Arian applied for various jobs and didn’t get any offers. She struggled for a long while despite being college educated she was forced to apply for welfare, sell her clothes to eat,  and sleep on people’s couches in order to survive. She admits that during one part of her journey she felt a bit depressed and turned to her faith to help her through. Months later she received a call about a public relations job and she was happy to take it. This call would change her life and allowed her to get a few more PR projects under her belt. Eventually she got to work on the film, Coach Carter and has gone on to become in her own words, “a fun, fly, and fabulous celebrity publicist and lifestyle businesswoman.”  

Hear Arian tell her story in her own words here:

I interviewed this inspirational lady, and here is what she had to say:

RR: Why is it so important for women to take a fearless approach to life?

AS: “It is empowering to overcome the things that challenge you in the world.”


RR: At what point in your life, do you feel like you truly loved yourself, were confident enough, and focus enough to come into your own as a woman? How did you make this happen?

AS: “I was always raised with a lot of love. I never had a lack of confidence, but I would say now. Time and experience will teach you to love God first, and love yourself, and then on. Now, I never had low self-esteem, and I was raised with a lot of love. If I were to call my mom right now the first  words out of my mom’s mouth would be “hi gorgeous.” So I am always conscious of the words I use around other people. I think the journey has just gotten greater and greater. My life has always been great but now it seems like its even better.”


RR:  What is the number one tip you would give to other women out there who are still living their life’s according to the fears they have?

 AS: “I would honestly challenge them to try. There is nothing wrong with trying. That one small steps is between now and their destiny. What is the worst that could happen from trying?”


RR: What made you start FEARLESS magazine? What goal did you have in mind?

AS: ” I wanted to use as an inspirational tool to share my personal journey such as me going from being homeless to working in the entertainment industry. Also, I just wanted to hear stories of other people  conquering and overcoming their fearless. Your past never dictates your future.”

fearless magazine


 RR: Not only did you overcome many obstacles on your journey, you have went on to become the founder of FEARLESS Magazine, CEO of your own enterprise, and the creator of a beauty line!  I saw that you hosted a vision board party last year. Do you use vision boards at all to help you manifest your dreams?

AS: “I strongly believe in what you visualize in. I still have my vision board up in my living room (giggle) and look at every time I pass by”


RR: Why do you think they are such an effective tool for women to use?

AS: “I think they are an  effective tool for everyone to use. A lot of time people try to make vision boards seem feminine but men can do them too….If you visualize you materialize. If you keep things in front of you, you don’t replay your past. New chapters manifesting in your life is a must.”


RR: Going back to your beauty products: What type of beauty products did you create? What experience could people expect from using your products?

AS: “Body butters and body scrubs. My body butters have mango butter in it, almond oil, beeswax and lots of moisture. At events I put it on people and if  they stay moisturized then they come back to buy it. Even men love the scent of it. Their like, ‘ What is that? I’m buying two of those for my girlfriend.’ The formula in its self is so nourishing. The recipe works. The glow it leaves on you, everybody is like “wow.” Also, the scrub has a foaming effect.”



RR: Where can people buy your magazine or products?



RR: When you think of the word regal, what comes to mind?

AS: “Distinguished, refined, polished. It needs to be more relevant in today’s society.”


RR: When you think of the word real, what comes to mind?

AS: “Authentic . I do want to add that I get so turned off when people say they are “keeping it real” and there just rude. “Being real really means telling the “truth with love.”