There is no reason why you shouldn’t be shining like a diamond daily! If you don’t realize that you have the entire world right in front of you just waiting for you to grace it with your beauty and your presence then girlfriend you are truly missing out on the joys of life.

I think the biggest factor in determining whether you shine or not is really our inner thoughts and what we believe to be true.

For me it’s really a matter of FEAR! False evidence appearing real. When we fear something we really do dim our lights. Lately, I’ve been thinking about a few of my fears that I really need to let go if I want to soar and shine. When I think about it I rather let my fears go and live the life I want. So fear can kick rocks in my book for now. I think today I will declare it! FEAR, say hello to my little friend the door: be gone! It is time to do what I’ve been wanting to do, and I rather live the life I create then settle for one less than the best because a little fear keeps popping into my mind!

The beauty of living is that you can create WHATEVER you want for your life! If you allow things to hold you back, get lazy about getting stuff done, or don’t stay on your grind as often as you probably should you will wake up morning, and say to yourself: How the heck did I get here?  This is not what I expected my life to be like at all. Something must change.

The truth is you have to change. Changing is not an option. Here is why? You need you at your best. I need you. The world needs you. We need you to shine your light bright and high as a kite. Duke Ellington said it best: “Let the whole world benefit from your incredible radiance.” If you keep all that goodness to yourself we are all missing out on the gifts you were given, and the dreams and paths  that your ancestors laid.

If I could get paid for the number of times a fear popped into my mind or someone I knew I would be a multi-triple platinum, quadruple billionaire!!! We must not let fear win. Putting mind over matter is key.

If it is hard for you to feel worthy enough to walk out of the house feeling like a diamond; try telling yourself this every morning: I am a confidant woman, today will be a good day. I will stand out in a positive way, and shine bright as can be.” Include a higher power in there if you believe in one such as myself. But, when we tell ourselves things we start to believe it. Make sure your thoughts will turn into the right things in your everyday life.

What stories or lies have you told yourself lately? Is that blocking your blessings or holding up the radiance that could be shining through? Remember we only get one life to live. So do you want to live in radiance or regret? The choice is yours.

What methods do you use to keep you in a “diamond” state of mind?