Iyanla Vanzant, spiritual life coach and host of, Iyanla: Fix My Life on Oprah’s OWN Network reveals some hard-hitting truths about Black women in her recent interview with popular Black women news site, Madame Noire. In a short clip that the site shared Iyanla boldy asserts that black women are “out of order” for a number of reasons such as staying with men who “dishonor” us and/or our children, sleeping with our sister’s husband or “defiling” our girlfriends, and not understanding our power as “feminine representations of the creator of the universe.”

In essence Iyanla is asserting that black women need to get themselves back in order by honoring themselves more, understanding and tapping into their femininity, selecting men who also honor and love them, and by appreciating the women in her life who add to our lives. In turn, we will learn how to be better mothers, sisters, and wives.

She concludes with saying that we have allowed to many outside forces to determine how we feel about ourselves, how we treat ourselves, and what we expect for ourselves.

Confidence has always come from within. I firmly belief that confidence is the root of all success, and it is necessary for us as women to find within ourselves the power invested in our spirits to be honored, loved, and respected for who we truly are.

As the Regal Realness mantra goes, “Confidence comes from within not the media, material things, or men“. In that regard I agree with Iyanla although her words may seem harsh. There is truth and realness to each point that she makes.  Many of the items she mentioned sparked my desire to found Regal Realness and offer women of color a space to discuss these types of issues but to also provide solutions and services that can help us as women live happy, healthy, and whole lives.

It didn’t hit me until now that the way in which I define Regal Realness:

Regal Realness– A woman who accepts herself flaws and all, embraces her culture and power as a woman, and exudes confidence from the inside out.

Is the exact way of being that Iyanla desires Black women to be. Iyanla is a Regal Realness fan and she doesn’t even know it yet!

So precisely, Iyanla wants the same thing I want for all women especially women of color, and that is to find themselves and love themselves fiercely and let it show in all that they do by taking action and making better decisions. This site provides just that. It provides the knowledge, “aha moments,” and solutions that women of color need to take action, make better decisions, and live their ideal lives. No one can make our lives as wonderful as we dream of, if we don’t make it happen!

Regal Resource: Hear her for yourself!

I Want to Hear From You:

  •  Do you agree with Iyanla or does she need to get off of her soap box?
  • Would you add or take away anything she included?
  • Do you think this is more challenging for women of color? Why?
  • Do you have any suggestions of services (online courses, challenges, e-books, seminars, webinars, etc.)that Regal Realness could offer readers to help them make better choices, honor themselves more, tap into their femininity etc?
  • Share your own experiences with items she mentioned.