This workbook was created for the woman with vision, purpose, and dreams who enjoys staying on track with things in her life that matter to her the most. It was created to aid in self-reflection from the previous year and to help guide you to reinvent yourself in 2014 so you can live a happy, healthy, and whole life where the vision you have for your life is your reality, your purpose is your life’s work, and your dreams are quietly and/or loudly coming true right before your eyes.


We only get one life! Why not make it the best? Why not leave a legacy that others will admire? Why not do all of things you’ve dreamed of since you were a little girl? Why not take some time to focus on numero uno—you?

If you don’t take time for you, then who will? Life has a way of throwing us off balance sometimes when we have children, get married, get super involved with our work, move to a new location, gain/lose friends, take care of people in our family, lose ourselves in things that don’t serve us such as: overeating, going out too much, drinking, leaving spaces cluttered, holding on to grudges and past hurts, and all other vices that we replace the realities of life with.

Instead of replacing those things, this workbook will help you REFLECT on yourself and life and then craft a plan to REINVENT yourself for the New Year! Are you up to the challenge?


2014 Workbook Snapshot

2014 Reflect & Reinvent Yourself Workbook (Regal Realness)



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