On Friday, July 5 the critically acclaimed documentary , Imagine a Future produced by My Black is Beautiful (MBIB), Black Girls Rock, and the United Negro College Fund will premiere on BET at 10pm EST. The documentary follows lower Delaware resident, Janet Goldsboro’s story as she learns how to own her identity as an African American girl. She struggled with low self-esteem and confidence as a result of her skin tone and society’s expectations that she believed she has to live up to in order to be beautiful.

The documentary follows Janet on a journey to South Africa where she discovers the history behind skin color throughout the world as it pertains to black and brown people. Cameras not only track Janet’s journey to self-discovery and self-love but it also includes commentary from celebrities such as Precious star, Gabourey Sidibe, Melissa Harris-Perry, and Michaela Angela Davis to name a few.

My Black is Beautiful wrote,  “The hope is that this documentary will help alter perceptions, conversations,  and societal implications that come with negative self-image and low self-esteem among young black girls, and also offer inspiration to help them better themselves.”

MBIB also offers a free discussion on their website that will allow viewers to change the beauty conversations between black girls and women regarding beauty and self-esteem in the black community.

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