I’M DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m fed up!

I am sick and tired of hearing the same sh*t from women over and over again.

Why? I am tired of women complaining but still sit back and take no action on bettering themselves.

FYI: This might piss you off, and that’s okay..but somebody had to say it.

As 2016 approaches in less than 60 days, I can’t help but think about this as a confidence coach…..

So here it goes…I’m done with women:

  • Making excuses for NOT living a better life
  • Staying with no good ass men when they know good and well he is UNWORTHY, CHILDISH, or IMMATURE…or here’s my favorite EMOTIONALLY or PHYSICALLY unavailable (like married or unemotional)
  • Sitting back WAITING to hit the lottery or money to fall from the sky before getting their MONEY right
  • Struggling at a bootleg job just because they afraid to follow their dreams or get the proper support to do so
  • Saying they want to change and be better BUT think investing in a coach, products, or services is too much yet they go get their hair done, nails done, buy new clothes, or my favorite (not really!) paying for a damn MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Boop there I said it!
  • Saying that affirmations don’t work but say them like every 2 weeks or the best answer yet: only when a crisis hits!
  • Getting with the same man over and over again and wondering why it’s not working….mmmmm let’s see obviously it ain’t them boo…it’s you that has work to do
  • Letting a man define her so much that she has to bring it up every 5 seconds or check his phone or profiles just to see that he isn’t talking to other women.
  • Living in the past….girl give it up! Let that ish go…do you know that ish effects what you can and can’t attract into your life.
  • Not taking pride in how they look and stepping out into PUBLIC looking any ol’ kind of way!!!!
  • Claiming they PRAY but don’t see anything happening but still haven’t changed not ONE damn thing they do nor have they taken any action on their part (SN: Faith without work is dead!)

Now I know that was A LOT!! But, I’m tired of seeing women in unworthy relationships, working at dead end jobs instead of pursuing their purpose, not feeling comfortable in their skin because so-and-so is “prettier” than her, and so on.

There are women out here living a BOOTLEG life because they are a)too busy trying to make other people happy (their man, their family, their friends, etc) or b) not livin up to their full potential.

Life was not meant to be a struggle.

Life is not supposed to be hard.

I say all of this to say…there was SH*T that I was tolerating before too and quite frankly I’m done with it. Last year I declared 2015 would be my year because 2014 was rough for me honey.

But…on that journey I discovered that I had to be DONE with some stuff in order to become who I wanted to be.

When I LET GO I was able to UNLEASH my FIERCE confidence! You couldn’t tell me nothing (still can’t!) I couldn’t go another year as I who use to be.

So, what are you willing to be DONE with?

Comment below and tell me (also post to Facebook and Instagram) with the hashtag #imdone.

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Taria, I’m ready to unleash my fierce!