As you prepare to launch your business, you should have a typed up plan that includes goals, projections, and important biz info. One of the key skills a business owner must master is “self-discipline.” Discipline is followed when you are organized. A plan helps you stay organized and focused!

Here’s how to create a mini business plan:

Business Name: What is your “Doing Business As” Name?

Business Owner Name: Your Full Name

Business Structure: What is your official legal structure?

Business Mission Statement: What does your business stand for? What problem does your business solve for people? How does your business solve this problem? How does your business do it differently than other people in the same industry/niche?

Target Market: Who is your target market of clients/customers? Be specific.

Goods and Services Offered: What do you provide your market? (ie. coaching, e-books, manicured nails, arts and crafts, make-up, online courses, catered meals, etc) How much will I charge for my offerings?

Money Plan:
What is my revenue goal? What is my personal income goal?
Where is my business start-up money coming from?
What are my monthly business expenses?
What % of my revenue will go towards marketing?

Brand Plan:

  • Your Vision: Why did you choose to start this business? (Your Story)
  • What’s your brands core values?
  • What is your tagline?
  • What tone do you want your business to set?
  • What mood do you want people to feel when they interact with your business?
  • What 2-3 colors best exemplify your vision?
  • What fonts best represent your vision?
  • What types of images best reflect your business vision?

Marketing Plan:

  • How will you gain visibility so people know about your business and offerings?
  • What social media platform(s) will you reach your target market on? Which ones do they frequent the most?
  • How will you find potential clients/customers?
  • How will you nurture a relationship with your clients/customers?
  • What is your sales funnel to turn “browsers” into “buyers” to ensure consistent sales?

Reply and Let Me Know:

  • Have you created a plan already?
  • Why haven’t you started your plan yet?
  • What other support do you need with launching your business?
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