In order to have a business, you must make money.

In order to make money, you must provide a good or service.

People only purchase goods or services when they SOLVE a problem or meet A NEED.

It is simple psychology.

For Example:

  • Tia is hungry and is short on time in between meetings to eat -> McDonald’s meets her need by providing fast food
  • Selena loves fashion and likes to stay trendy and edgy when she gets dressed -> Tees in the Trap provides trendy tees that she can pair with her tutu skirts she loves so much and heels from DSW shoe store.
  • Alatia struggles with losing weight and has tried every diet under the sun -> HealthX provides healthy living coaching that helps her overcome her emotional eating and provides her with ways to eat healthier

So, before you launch you need to ensure that your business idea solves a problem or meets a need. You also need to make sure that people are willing to pay for your good or service.

If you already launched or have researched tons, and wrote down some ideas or sales aren’t coming in, then you need to readjust how you are positioning and presenting the problem you are solving with your product or service.


Here’s how:

Haven’t Launched Yet, here’s your HOMEWORK:

  1. What problem will I solve with my business idea?
  2. What type of people have this problem?
  3. Who has already/current is solving this problem? Research them and write down what you notice about their customers/clients, products and services, and the way they structure their business. Research their website and social media pages. Take notes on what you like most about it to refer to as you prepare your business launch.
  4. How have I overcome this problem in my own life?
  5. How does solving this problem connect to my purpose?


Launched Already, here’s your HOMEWORK:

  1. What problem does my current product(s)/service(s) solve?
  2. Am I conveying this clearly to my audience? If no, tweak it to focus on the solutions you provide.
  3. Who has already/currently solving this problem? Research them and write down ideas of inspiration (not to copy but to spark creativity in you) to revamp your offerings
  4. How have I overcome this problem in my own life? Have you shared this with your audience? If not, find a way to include in your website, marketing, or social media.
  5. How does solving this problem connect to my purpose?


Not only do we want to be profitable as Empowerment Bo$$es but we also want to be purposeful. Ensure that the work you do is meaningful. Meaning + Money = Personal Fulfillment.

But don’t forgetà no problem = no profit. No solution = No sales.


The most profitable businesses are the ones that clients and customers wake up needing in the morning or worry about all night.


Reply below:

  1. What problem does your business solve?
  2. Where are you at in the process of launching your business?

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