I don’t know about you, but I know there is a little “fat girl” that lives inside of me. She has always been in there. She absolutely, positively loves…I mean loves to EAT and girlfriend loves her some FOOD! She, especially loves her all of the bad foods…you know the ones that make you fat. She can’t get enough of the cheese, carbs, and oh-so-bad for you potato chips. She just loves the stuff. But, here is my problem with girlfriend. Although she lives inside of me and I love her, I really do, she has ruined my life on several occasions. Like the time three years ago when she decided she was going to take over my entire being resulting in me gaining 60 pounds in just one year. She was a mean little thing back then. But, last year, I had to put my foot down and let her know that she was no longer running anything anymore.

To my surprise girlfriend listened, and I lost the weight she had so generously help me pack on. I kicked her behind to the curb, only to feel her come back slightly once I had reached my weight loss goal. She popped back up and has resided on my radar for the last few months and I have declared it to myself that she will not and I can not ever let her WIN ever again!

As much as I love FOOD and I love to EAT no amount of cheese or pasta is going to take me away from the joy and bliss I feel from not being out of breath, from buying smaller clothes and seeing my waist again, from not being at a huge risk for every health condition possible, for giving me my life back and the opportunity to do things I only imagined doing when I was bigger, from the looks men now give me that are pleased with me now that I have become more pleased with myself, from the confidence I gained back and the happiness I feel more of daily as I continue on this journey.

There is no way I’m going back. Have you ever felt like that “little fat girl” lived inside of you? Well, honey, if you’re reading this I suggest you know all about this. So how can you clear the mental walls we all put up to stop us from taking action when it comes to food, healthy living, and our bodies.

The truth is: No matter how much you change your mindset. The little “fat girl” inside of you will NEVER EVER go away. She just won’t.

But, that doesn’t mean you can never get over your mental blocks to help you lose weight and get healthier.

If you want to release your weight loss mind blocks and shush your “inner Little Debbie snacking Diva” self try this:

1. Get on a scale and write down your current weight and size

2. Find a picture of yourself at a smaller weight that you like and write down all of the emotions you feel when you look back at yourself then compared to how you look now

3. Write a list of all the things the excuses you have for not losing weight (consistently) and next to each one write a counter-claim affirmation. For example:

Excuse #1: I can’t give up eating all of the foods I love at this moment. They are too damn good. Who wants to eat healthy stuff all of the time?

Counter-Claim Affirmation: I am open to eating new things in order to lose weight and get the body I dream of. I am open to limiting certain foods so I can get the body and health I deserve and desire.

Start to say these affirmations daily at night and when you wake up in the morning!

4. Everyday write down all of the food that you intake in your body and next to each meal estimate the calories you are taking in and also document how it makes you feel. If it makes you feel icky, guilty, or questionable then it’s probably not good for you.

Note: Calorie intake depends on your body and weight loss goals.

5. Write a letter to your “inner FAT girl” and tell her ‘enough is enough’ and be brutally honest about how you feel about her and your current body state. Let her know you are in charge and are ready for something new. Get as angry and emotional as you want. Let it all out! Then use this as a basis to fuel your fire to star to take action on your weight loss journey (regardless of how many times you have tried before….try again!)

I Want to Know:

  • Is there a “little fat girl” that lives inside of you? How do you deal with her?
  • Did you try any of my tips? How did it work for you? Have you tried them before?
  • What is the hardest part about changing your mindset?
  • What other advice would be helpful on your weight loss journey?

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