The beauty in being a business owner is that you get to CHOOSE who you work with, especially in a service based business like coaching. However, even when people purchase products you can still create, market, and sell to the audience of your choice.

Any and all successful entrepreneurs have an “ideal client/customer.” This ideal client will help you focus your business model, the offerings you make, and the way you position yourself.

Discover your ideal/customer by creating a profile of him/her. Pretend he/she is a real person:

Relationship Status:
Biggest Challenges:
Biggest Desires:
Favorite places to shop:
Likes to read:
Favorite color:

You can add anything additional that may be helpful to this list. Keep in mind that the type of client/customer you target should match your products/services. Your pricing should also match.

For example, if you sell high end jewelry then college girls wouldn’t be ideal because they don’t have disposable income to purchase your product. However you could either:

  1. Re-position who you market and sell to (such as middle aged professional women)
  2. Change the type of jewelry you sell (such as $5 jewelry from Paparazzi)

Once you pinpoint your ideal client, then you can create a brand that will attract that type of client as well as a marketing strategy that will consistently bring you into contact with that type of client/customer.

Comment and let me know:

  • Who is your ideal client/customer?
  • What need or solution do you provide to that person?
  • Where could you use help attracting them to you more?

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