Imagine there are two women:

Susie and Shirley.

Susie let’s every single thing effect how she feels about herself. She critiques every comment and action of others. She takes it all in and as a result feels like she doesn’t deserve to be successful or happy. Frequently, you will find Susie upset and blaming others for where she is in life.

Then there’s Shirley who says affirmations as she gets dressed for work. Listens to an empowering audio on her way to work. When a co-worker makes a smart remark, she looks her dead in the face and walks away. She reminds herself at her desk that she is not allowing other people’s issues to affect her. She says a quick prayer in the bathroom and gets back to her desk. As a result, rarely will you find Shirley having a bad day because she had systems in place to keep her belief in self high all day.

What separates the two is belief:
Shirley declares every morning that she is worthy and deserving. She knows she is deserves peace of mind and she won’t settle for anything less. Additionally, she has created a self-love system that helps her navigate each day.
How you do it?
Declare it! Speak it! Write it! SHOUT it! Own it.
If you don’t LITERALLY say it or write it…it won’t change how you feel.

Words are powerful. Words have meaning.

The old saying, “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will NEVER hurt me.”…that’s some bullshit!


“Everybody is born as a one whole person and as you age, people poke holes into your person, your spirit, your everything. So you have to spend the rest of your life filling yourself back up. Those things that poked holes into you are not true but you allow all of that to be taken from you.”
–Myleik Teale


Words stick. We carry them in our minds, bodies, and souls.

Words follow us. We see reflective of how we dress, talk, and walk.

Words drive us. We live our lives based on our words and those of others.

Reflect on the following in writing:

  • What unkind words do I say to myself? How has it manifested into the life I currently live?
  • What unkind words have others said to me? How do I still carry them (in my body, in my actions, in my belief in myself, in my inability to trust men, in my struggle to love my body, etc)

The only way to BELIVE in yourself more is to start telling yourself daily that you DO!

Repeat after me “I believe in myself. I am more than enough. I am exactly where I am supposed to be.”

Instead of allowing life and other people to determine how you feel, become a pro at SPEAKING life into yourself. No one else is required to do this for you.

  • There will always be a woman who you think is prettier than you.
  • There will always be a guy who is immature and lets you down.
  • There will always be fear in your mind when you step outside of your comfort zone.
  • There will always be doubts and dislikes about who you are, how you look, and what you do.
  • There will always be something or someone to suggest that you are not good enough.

So how do you quiet the noise

Tell yourself something different. Fill yourself, your home, and your life with things that AFFIRM, EMPOWER, INSPIRE, AND MOTIVATE YOU.

Stop letting everything outside of you dictate what’s best for you.

You know what’s best for you.

You are only as beautiful as you believe yourself to be.

You are only as worthy as you believe yourself to be.

You are only as deserving as you believe yourself to be.

Who do you believe yourself to be?
Redefine it. Own it. Speak it. Believe it.

Comment below and let me know: 

  • How will you start speaking to yourself more?
  • Was this helpful for you?
  • What holds you back from believing in yourself?


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