The right man for you is OUT there!Every shoe has its match. You are NO different.

1) You must believe the above statement wholeheartedly
2) You must prepare yourself &  your life for him to enter it
3) You must surrender how, when, and where he will arrive to God
4) You must ensure you are healed and whole
5) You must open yourself up to be loveable and to be loved the way you deserve to and were always destined to

In order for him to make his way to you, you have to be READY! When it is your time he will appear. However, you must usher in a new energy within yourself to bring him to the visible plane. Currently, he exists in the invisible plane on a spiritual level.

In my book, I have an entire section on this because there are certain things you can do to prepare for HIM, however what every woman must understand is that he will not come when you want, he will come when it is the right divine time.

You can attract the RIGHT man into your life by handling your own business right now.

Reflect in writing:
1. What unresolved childhood issues are still effecting me?
2. What places within myself am I not loving or honoring?
3.  What toxic relationship patterns do I need to break and heal before I enter my next relationship or continue in my current one?
4. How can I become the “best me” I can be? (holistically: mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, professionally, sexually, intellectually, etc)
5. Where can I receive the support, resources, and tools to aid me on this journey?

Finding Quality Men

A woman who has answered all of the above questions will trigger within herself that new “energy” I am referring to. That energy is the energy of love, wholeness, completeness, bliss, peace, happiness, and joy. Most importantly, an energy of “surrender” to allowing divine flow to work in your favor at every moment. God will deliver your hearts desire when you STOP trying to make everyone else “the one”, and start making yourself “the one” woman who is highly valued and hard to let go of in the eyes and minds of men.

Only when you are in this state can you attract the RIGHT man into your life.

Quality men can be found EVERYWHERE. Open your eyes. Men are everywhere. Amazing men are all over. Find quality men by GETTING out more. Your man is not going to show up on your door step. Find quality men by…

  • Saying hello to everyone you meet
  • Accept more invitations to parties, events, etc.
  • Strike up conversations with everyone everywhere (ie. grocery store, mall, post man, cashiers, etc)
  • Tell friends/family that you are interested in dating and ask for any prospects
  • Put up an online dating profile and go out on dates
  • Talk to men casually in circles, groups, and organizations you are a part of
In my forthcoming book, I  go into detail about my method of dating called, “magnetic relating” in which I go in depth into how to meet, relate, and date quality “marriage minded” men.

Starting the Conversation….

Your conversation should start naturally just like when you are talking to any “stranger” or even someone you know.    
Relationships with men should form organically and unfold naturally. No forcing. No games. No gimmicks. No dating rules to follow to make him like you. However, you can make yourself more attractive by:
  • Smiling
  • Sharing info about yourself, your interests, your passions
  • Asking him questions
  • Cracking jokes/being playful
  • Letting him open/close doors, carry something to your car, get something heavy off of a shelf in a store
  • Making observations about your surroundings
If it is online dating: men will more than likely reach out to you. You can either tell them “I wish you the best. I don’t think we are a match at this time” or “Hey there! It feels good to hear from you. Thanks for reaching out to me. I notice you really love movies too. Me too 🙂 What is your favorite movie?”
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  • What other questions do you have about finding your ideal man?
  • What things have you tried that don’t seem to work?
  • What is your biggest fear when it comes to dating and men?

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