Have you ever had that feeling, “Damn! What am I doing wrong? Why does she get to be engaged?” or “why are all of my friends getting houses…puppies…promotions…starting businesses…having babies…”

Then it hits you deep down to your core, “what am I doing wrong?” and “why can’t I get it together like them?”

If you are experiencing this type of envy aka jealousy, that means….

You are holding on to A LOT of sh*t!! Boop. There I said it.

Yes, your sh*t is weighing you down and blocking all your blessings.

Sh*t = Insecurities

Sh*t= Envy

Sh*t = Jealousy

Sh*t= Staying stuck where you are

So get rid of it and STOP…

  1. Thinking someone has it better than you (You never know the REAL truth)

  2. Thinking that you have to compete with others (You are your own competition)

  3. Thinking that an engagement ring, a puppy, cute outfit, and/or baby is going to solve all your problems and make you whole and complete (It won’t)

  4. Thinking that women with their sh*t together are intimidating (You could be that woman that others think have her ish together…others could be secretly envying you!)

  5. Thinking you can’t be HAPPY for someone else because you’re not quite there (You are exactly where you are supposed to be)

Seek validation from within
not the media, material things, money, or men.

You are already FIERCE, stop letting everything outside of yourself dictate the beauty of what is inside of yourself. Get that sh*t out of the way that is blocking it from coming out.

You weren’t born to be mediocre or to just sit back and watch everyone else live a fab and fierce life!

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