My life was going good or so I thought. That was until I started a new job, decided to redesign my blog, added an additional non-paid writing gig to my portfolio, decided to restart my business and explore a new business venture with two long term friends all at the same time. I figured since these were all things that I loved and truly passionate about that it would be a piece of cake.

For the most part I had my plan all mapped out: I’d dedicate a certain amount of time to each project per day, pre-write and pre-schedule my blog posts, and established some marketing tools that would help me manage my time. Surely I thought that I’d be able to accomplish everything on my “To-Do List”.

Boy was I wrong. Two weeks in I realized that I was extremely over extended. I started experiencing sleep deprivation because I tried to get as much done as possible each day leaving me with only four to six hours of sleep. I started over thinking my abilities and questioning myself in areas that I’d never questioned before. 

I was a hot mess and that’s just not how I operate.

Never did I imagine that I would bite off more than I could chew and fall flat on my butt. But it happened and I fell hard. Realizing that I didn’t have it all together like I thought I did, accepting it, and owning it I had to figure something out and quick. 

Determined to find some balance in this mess that I created I decided to meditate to bring some sort of calmness and clarity back into my space. This weekend I plan to dedicate some much needed time to guess who, ME. 

 Here are five tips on how I’ll be using this time to regain balance in my life again:

  1. First things first I’ll be disconnecting from the world – social media, phone, people and the television. This will give me the opportunity to detox from any outside influence as I rededicate and recommit to myself.
  2. Secondly since I haven’t been getting much sleep I will be dedicating a full eight hours of sleep on both nights with naps during the day. This will help my body truly rest.
  3. Third I’ll be detoxing. Nothing but fresh fruits, green veggies and plenty of water.  This will help me release some toxins and regain my energy.
  4. Fourth I’ll be meditating. I’ve always found inner peace and a calmness that I just can’t explain when I mediate. It brings clarity and helps me to make better decisions.
  5. Finally I’ll be free writing. I’ll be breaking out one of my good old journals, turn on some soft jazz and just write about my feelings, my emotions, things that I am truly grateful for.


If you’re anything like me; you want it all and feel like you can do it all. YOU CAN, sometimes you just need a little extra balance in your life to be all that you can be effortlessly.

I Want to Hear From You:  

  • Can you relate?
  • What are some ways that you find balance in your life?