Tracee Ellis Ross sounds off in a recent YouTube video where she discusses the fact that she doesn’t want people to love the hair she has, but love the hair you were given. She shows a meme that caught her off guard while she was looking at Instagram: 7208_605828609447769_420853272_n

She admits, “I use to hate my hair,” in the YouTube video. Tracee discusses how she grew to love her hair and learned how to take care of it over the years. She asserts that her although she is mixed it may appear as if she has a better texture of hair and it seems easier to manage. But, she yells at the camera, “it’s a lot of freaking work. People don’t just tell you how to do it. This new natural hair wave that’s going on. Thank GOD! I wish someone was there to tell me all this stuff when I was younger ” Listen to the rest:

Tracee’s Call to Action: Create a video where you say five words that describe why you love your hair! Will you join the movement?

I agree with Ross, instead of trying to get her or anyone else’s hair we should take heed to the journey that most women undertake to love and learn how to care from their tresses. It is okay to admire Ross for her hair, but we must step up and take care of our own and produce the best we can with what we have.

I will admit that when I use to watch Girlfriends, I hated that Tracee wore natural hair every single episode. At the time I just didn’t get it. Why wasn’t it always that way. But, as I look back I now understand that she was natural and never would I imagine years later that I would be rocking my natural all the time just like her. She embraced her hair even when it wasn’t popular like it is now.  It’s funny how life turns out. Embrace what you got and only then can you get what you want- out of your hair and out of life itself!

I want to know:

  • Have you ever struggled to love your hair?
  • Have you went natural? Why?
  • Does Tracee’s hair inspire you?
  • Will you make a video? (If you do, send it in and I will post it here)