I am sick and tired of hearing that I have good hair! It is one of my pet peeves at this point. Since I transitioned to natural last yearI have heard it left and right. Can I touch your hair? Oh my, you have good hair! Well, thanks but no thanks. I love my hair. The curls are lovely I will admit and I can do some great styles with it.

But my hair is no better than the next woman!  Regardless of your hair type whether it is really thin like mine or coarse I have seen both rocked extremely well, and I consider both to be GOOD HAIR. Who came up with the definition for “good hair” anyway? Long and straight does not mean it’s good or clean or healthy! It annoys me to my core, especially when I talk to men and all they want is long and straight hair. Or I talk to women especially younger ones who see their hair as a burden rather than a blessing.

Not sure what rock people have been living under, but with the 50 million bazillion natural hair photos, blogs, products, ads, etc it is no way you haven’t seen at least one sistah rocking her natural curl, flowing waves, straight tresses, twisted locs, tight coils, or an amazing afro that was envious and gorgeous! Impossible!

I think embracing that fact that EVERYONE has good hair has not caught on yet  because we refuse to believe that anything that isn’t straight and silky is good! This is sad. Very sad. You could argue that is easy for you to say because you were blessed with so-called “good hair.”

But, at the same time there are plenty of times when I have hair struggles, bad hair days, shrinkage, and “I’m ready to cut all of this ish off” type of days just like any other woman. Like any other sister girl I have had the occasional comment from folks of another race who want to understand why I rock a “bush” on my head! So, in that regard although it may appear as though I am living life like it’s golden with my “good natural hair” having self…in reality I still go through the same experiences as every other woman.

So, my question is when are we going to stop saying so and so has good hair? The good hair argument in my opinion has died! A 4B fro is just as fly as a 2c curly top. Thin and fine is not better. Coarse and kinky is not worst. It is all beautiful in my eyes. Texture is a beautiful thing. It is beyond natural vs. relaxed.

We must learn to love what grows out of the top of our own heads and others. We must accept that it is okay for others to rock what they were born with as they please, and not frown upon them because it isn’t traditional, doesn’t fit into a box, doesn’t appear neat and proper, and doesn’t bow down to what others believe “good” she be. It is about time we defined GOOD for ourselves as opposed to letting others determine what textures and styles are acceptable.

Embracing the fact that all woman have good hair is possible. I have accepted this as truth! If only others could catch on…

Why do you believe “good hair” still persists in our community and society?