Although I have undertaken the much needed and necessary journey to get my hair back to health I recognize it isn’t for everyone. However, when I bring this up to others who may be struggling with their hair which is usually relaxed, I am presented with the side eye and, “Girl, I can’t go natural I would look a mess.” It reminded me of the following meme…




Obviously, the relaxed isn’t working to well for you. I understand that going natural may seem scary because it is new, different, and still not totally acceptable in some circles despite its recent rise in popularity. However, it may not be such a bad idea to rethink your decision to change the way you care for your hair which could in turn boost your confidence and help your hair grow like you would like it to. If this is a struggle for you, consider researching natural hair more and following some great social media pages on Facebook YouTube, and Pinterest that can provide tutorials, videos, and pictures.

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At this point in time there is an abundance of resources, products, and how-to’s on natural hair that Can even be used to help take care of relaxed hair. Therefore, there is no reason why any woman should not have her hair done.

 According to a recent study, lack of confidence was linked to having a bad hair day. The survey completed by Travelodge, found that hair greatly impacted mood, and when it looked subpar women noted that it affected their self-esteem especially when they woke up in the morning. I never ever want this to be you, especially since the study points out that most women said this happened at least three times a week.

We all have our days, but most of the time you shouldn’t feel down because you can figure out what to do with your hair. Again, I’m not saying natural is for everyone but please re-consider. A woman who loves and embraces her natural hair will feel more confident and comfortable with herself and her appearance. [ Tweet This!]  

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I Want to Know:

  • Have you ever had this conversation with someone?
  • What holds people back from at least trying natural?
  • Would you agree that it is really no reason why someone’s hair should look a mess?
  • Do you ever feel a bit insecure when your hair is not done?