Free & Fabulous Guide



“Bag lady you gone hurt your back
Dragging all them bags like that
I guess nobody ever told you
All you must hold on to
Is you, is you, is you”
-Erykah Badu

FREE & FABULOUS is a 21 day action guide jam packed with freeing affirmations, healing journal prompts, forgiveness exercises, and baggage drop activities to free you of anything holding you back from being the confident, empowered, and oh-so-fabulous woman you were destined to be.

Following the 21 days you will feel more peace, happiness, and confidence because you will have addressed:

  • Negative self-talk and believing in yourself
  • Fears that get in your way
  • Worthiness, lack thinking and feeling good enough
  • Shame and blame that you are carrying
  • Self-love struggles and any body shame you’re feeling
  • Forgiveness of yourself and others
  • Childhood and family wounds that you need to finally let go
    • Special emphasis on your mother and father
  • Insecurities and negative sayings from others that have impacted you
  • Rejection and validating yourself
  • Abuse and addictions (traditional and untraditional such as emotional eating or being overly critical towards yourself)
  • Men & past relationship drama that need to be released
  • Need to compare self to others
  • Perfection and self-acceptance
  • Hiding who you really are and what others think about it


Take a peek inside by downloading a FREE page from this guide here.


Your guide also includes:

  • How your reflection of others really represent yourself
  • Daily prayer to free yourself and restore you to feel better about yourself and your life
  • Space for reflection and planning how to best move forward in your new FREE & FABULOUS life



“The Fabulous and FREE guide was a life saver for me. It made me explore myself deeply, but it help me to see that the stuff I resisted facing such as being jealous of other women or not seeing myself as enough are the very things that I needed to focus on. By doing so, I realize how much effort I put into worrying about others and not enough time actually cultivating my own self.” – Latia Hart, California


“The shadow exercises pissed me off at first. I never considered that my ex-husband pissing me off at times was a reflection of my own deeper beliefs about myself. Thank you for helping me to uncover that.” – Jasmine Reine, Tennessee


“The prompt on fathers really made me examine the impact my dad had on me. He was barely present, and now I see how I keep carrying that baggage with me. In the end I am the one hurting not him. Being asked to forgive him through this guide was a powerful thing for me. It left me in tears and it left me changed woman. Thank you Taria.” – Amanda Siliciano, Texas


“Creating the picture collage of my life as a free and fabulous woman was not only fun, but impactful. It helped me visually see images of me free from the bs I have been telling myself year after year. I am so ready to start actually living and not just existing and making excuses for why I am not where I want to be.” – Jill Parker, Maryland