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In November Regal Realness shared with you 25 Ways Busy Women Can Relax, Refuel, and Release Stress, and hopefully you’ve been able to incorporate some of those practices into your schedule. Now, it’s one thing to try something one or two times because it was recommended, but it takes a great deal of work and consistency to make it a habit or part of your lifestyle, especially when it comes to our health. Stress can be one of the greatest health* detriments, not only mentally but physically and spiritually as well.

Stress is not a new word to any of us, as we all have been plagued by it at one point or another, especially for those of us who tend to carry the weight of the world on our shoulders. Remaining in unhealthy relationships, lacking support or love from family and friends, and working at unsatisfying jobs are just a few of the many reasons which can lead us to live day to day in constant stress. However, the damage which it can do to our bodies and our minds over time can be hard to reverse if it is not corrected quickly.

It may come as a surprise to some, but our body reacts to chronic mental stress in the same manner that it reacts to physical stress. Think of what would happen should you be outside taking a morning walk and in the distance you see a stray dog hurdling towards you—most likely, your “fight or flight” response will kick in, prompting you to find a nearby stick to use for protection or someone’s car quickly to jump on top of. Throughout this entire ordeal you heart rate has increased and cortisol, glucose and fatty acids have been released into your bloodstream in an effort to provide with you the energy you need to protect yourself.

While this is very useful in situations such as these, it becomes a serious health concern when these physiological adaptations occur on a regular basis. Over time it can lead to issues such as an enlarged heart, high blood pressure, insulin resistance, increased cholesterol levels, weakened immune system, and chronic disease flare-ups. It can even increase your risk of heart disease, which affects ***** African-American women However, this stress is more than just detrimental to our physical self. Our mental-self suffers just as much.

We are not ourselves when under constant stress. Our mental clarity and focus diminishes, our moods dampen, and we become irritable and distraught. We begin to lose our sense of vigor and joy—we lose what allows us to shine our brightest and be our best. It is this light which disappears when we discuss being burned out, but it is the light we need in order to continue living out our full potential.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to take the world by storm, and you should never feel compelled to hold yourself back from utilizing your greatness, however, you mustn’t become so overwhelmed that to take care of and nurture you.  Revitalizing and rejuvenating your physical and mental self is what allows you to clearly focus on what your goals are and to have the energy to go after them with full force. This world needs your gift and you deserve to use it so pull out that “To Do” list and put yourself first.

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