All my life, I’ve been a perfectionist. Everything had to be organized a certain way, completed within a structured time frame and produced some evidence, some measure of success. However, I never completely understood (until my adult years) the true benefits of my failures.

As human-beings, we bask in our successes; we relish in our achievements and for “perfectionist” – we measure are growth and define who we are by our accomplishments. However, until you gain some real wisdom you cannot imagine how much your mishaps, mistakes and setbacks are a true testament as to who you are and how much you have grown as a person and here’s why?


You’re here! You survived – if you’re reading this, somehow, some way you’ve made it through whatever obstacle tried to hinder your path. Was it easy, Hell No! Did you get some bumps, scrapes and bruises along the way – of course you did but all and all you’re still standing and you have another opportunity, TODAY, to change that failure into a success.


I never said it was easy; I’ve been knocked down and fell into depression from not reaching a particular goal. There have been many days I’ve sat on the side of my bed wondering why the hell do I even get up and make an effort to do anything, me and “the proverbial pity-pot” had a long-time, intimate affair that continued until I realized my failures gave me more insight as to who I am and how much I should love, appreciate, and accept me in all my “imperfect” glory.

I learned a few, valuable lessons through my failure – my inner strength were more than even I could have imagined it to be. I did not have to ALLOW my setbacks to break me; I could allow them to groom me into a…well, greater ME!

I learned to make better decisions, close doors that should not have remained open for so long, walk away from negativity, be accepting of help instead of allowing my pride to suffocate me, stand firm on my morals and principles, compromise when a situation requires me to without losing who I am in the process, love without fear, be humble and yet strong…I found out who I was at my core and accepted every aspect of who I am to help develop my path and aspire to truly achieve to be the best ME I can be!


I learned to love myself, accept me for who I am and how much strength I truly have deep within me! I never saw these beautiful attributes of my being through my perfectionist eyes when I achieved success but I accredit my mistakes and know these affirmations of myself are truly the benefits of my failures.

I Want to Know:

  • Can you relate?
  • How have you benefitted from your failures?