“The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.” –Oprah Winfrey

You have heard about vision boards countless times before. Primarily because they work! However, they only work when they are done purposefully! As a vision board fanatic and an avid dreamer who has been able to manifest anything from money (new paid job opportunities to $1,000 in cash in my hand!), to my soulmate, to reconnecting with my dad (literally in the flesh, he popped up out of nowhere), weight loss (60 pounds in 6 months), to items such as my “confidence kit” I sent out a little while ago…didn’t realize it was on a vision board until a month later!


My point is not to brag, but to share with you the power that YOU have to create the life you want! I am all about the business of creating. I am so against the idea of “waiting” for things to happen and waiting for “fate” to fall into my lap, my husband to knock on my door, money to be on my doorstep, weight loss to be in a magic shake, my business to be seen and heard, my hair to grow past my shoulders, best friends to appear at the mall, self-love to come from one outfit at the store, or my distant father to call my phone out of the blue and apologize for abandoning me yet again! Girl, I don’t have time to WAIT!

Had I waited…none of those things would have manifested in my life.

I won’t wait. I refuse to wait. I instead choose to CREATE. The little secret that people won’t share is that creating a VISION board will not make your dream life come true. Yup, I said it. Despite the fact that as I type this my entire bedroom is full of vision boards! Literally. I have no art work anymore.

Instead it is filled with vision! My 2014 vision board, my 1 year business board, my 5 year business board, my vision of myself board, my friendship board, my travel board, my hair board, my husband board, my 5 yr love board, my ideal relationship board, my book board, my health/fitness board….um…do you get the drift! I have OD’d literally on vision because again I am SERIOUS about CREATING a life I LOVE! However, again a board will not automatically equal what you desire.

What?!? A vision board is a visual representation of your dreams. In order for anything on your board to manifest you must first be the person who can attract what you desire and second take action to manifest what you desire. All the boards I have and I still don’t “have it all” because I am a “work in progress” and life is a journey. Everything is not handed to you because you put a picture on a board, however it will come quicker into your life if you can see it, believe it, and then work to achieve it.

 Here some pointers for creating a vision board that attracts outrageous success:

  • Focus your board: make it a yearly board (ie. 2015, 2016, 2017), certain area board ie love, health, money, marriage, children, business, etc) so that is purposeful and to the point! For annual boards, select a color, word(s), and theme song for the year and infuse it with everything you do for that year.
  • Use google images to print off exact pictures that match what you want SPECIFICALLY.
  • If you can’t find images in magazines, cut out words that match what you are looking for
  • Create 3 action steps you can take to make that vision a reality, add it to the back, a journal, a workbook specifically designed for that purpose, or even directly on the board.
  • Pray. Ask God questions about it and ask God to send it to you. “You have not because you have not.” (My dad popped up after I prayed about it for 4 days in a row! No lie. Pure testimony! I hadn’t seen or heard from him in 4 years)
  • Meditate (quiet your mental chatter and listen) every morning to what your intuition, the universe, and God is whispering to you
  • Visualize but Leave It Open to Possibility at the Same Time (create visions in your mind about what you want. Ie. see checks coming to you from unexpected sources (not from certain people), see you in your wedding gown at the altar (but not with a certain person)
  • Act As If (ie. place a vacation on certain dates on a calendar for the next year, act as if all your debt is paid off, act as if you’re married to the man of your dreams by pretending he is waking up next to you every morning, buy baby clothes if you want to be pregnant, change your bank account name/password to reflect how much you now make per month, write out a check to yourself, write exactly how a conversation will go with your boss for a raise or how you feel about your body [ a la: fake it until you make it])-Your mind doesn’t know the difference!

As you can see all of the pointers include some form of ACTION. Creating is not passive. Creating is not waiting. Creating is movement. Creating is poetry in motion. Your life is in motion. So, get moving! Create the life you want. Become who you were destined to be. Live a life you were destined to live happily, healthily, healed, and wholly.

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I Want to Know:

  • Are you making a vision board this year?
  • What success have you had with your vision board?
  • What tips could you add to my list?

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