Stepping into our purpose is one of the most courageous acts a woman can do!

Playing full out in purpose and power can also lead to profitability, visibility, and authority if you play your cards right.

However, it comes a moment in every entrepreneur’s journey where they have to stop playing small, stop trying to DIY everything and figure it out on their own, and instead put in the WERK it takes to build a BOSS brand and business that impacts tons of people daily.

Last week, I had the pleasure of reading The Single Wives Club and Ready To Werk Founder, Koereyelle’s latest book, Confessions of a Werkholic, and it was so on point!


 As an empowerment boss myself, I found it to be a great practical guide full of life lessons, activities, and ideas to implement into your business.

One of my favorite quotes came in the form of a confession from Rachel Hill, creator of

“My recipe for success is a prayer life, consistency, and resiliency. You gotta be resilient enough to say, “It wasn’t a failure. It was a lesson learned.”

Not only that I loved chapter 8 titled, B+B+B = BYOB and the third B stood for “Believe You Are Worthy.”

Koereyelle reminds us as entrepreneurs that this by far is the most important lessons of them all:

“In order to truly attract the best clients, profitable partnerships, and money making opportunities into your life, you have to have unwavering faith that you are worthy and capable to get it done.”

Your business will FAIL every time if you are unable to BELIEVE that you were BORN FIERCE and can do whatever you set your mind too.

Lastly, I fell in love with her new spin on the old “elevator pitch” that is so traditional and cliché. Instead she came up with the “11 Second Latte Line,” which basically refers to how you would introduce yourself in 11 seconds at Starbucks.

This new modern twist on doing business is just one of the many gems that Koereyelle infuses throughout the 21 lessons she teaches based on her experience as a successful black female entrepreneur.

Ultimately, Koe reminds us that we can sit around and wish for a successful business or we can take her advice and WERK our way through the process which will lead to more success and fulfillment.

Interested in reading it? Download your copy here