REAL TALK: Were women of color even included in this study?


Many women want to exude confidence, than look feminine, glamorous, sexy, intelligent or youthful, a new research has revealed.

The poll, which was carried out by shopping channel QVC to mark June Beauty Month, has found that the times women want to look most confident included job interviews- 28 per cent, a night out with friends-26 per cent and a date-11 per cent.

It was found that makeup is a leading tool for women to put over a confident appearance, the Daily express reported.

The poll also revealed the beauty icon that two thirds of Britons desire is Jessie J, who is recognised for a strong make-up look with bright lips, colourful eyes and a rosy blush.

The survey found that 77 per cent of the respondents admitted that they did not have the courage to showcase such a look and instead opted for a natural appearance like Kate Middleton.

It was found that tanned skin – 36 per cent was the ultimate confidence boosting make-up fix, followed by a defined eyebrow-26 per cent, rosy cheek- 17 per cent and red lips-14 per cent. [Source]


REAL TALK SOUND OFF:::: It’s one thing to complete a study and get these results, but it is another thing to produce results that are not fitting to all women. There are women of color in Britain. Why were they not included in this survey? I wonder if we did this study in the US would the results be the same. How would women of color  respond? To top it off, I found it interesting that tan skin was an ultimate confidence boosting make-up fix. People want tan skin when they want it, but don’t want everything else that comes with it.


I want to hear from you:

  • What does the exclusion of women of color in this study or the results say about society?
  • What would you want to exude the most?  Confidence, femininity, glamor, sex appeal, intelligence or youthfulness?
  • What celeb’s confidence would you most like to model?