I’ve always been a curvy girl, but in recent years I have gained a pound too many if you catch my drift. Now while I am absolutely in love with myself and in the process of switching to a healthier lifestyle; I still love to look fabulous regardless of what size I am. There are tips and tricks to doing this, and you might find them helpful too if you are in the same boat as me. Note: This is not a substitute for living a healthy lifestyle!


Slip on a body shaper! Get fitted for bras. Most women are wearing the wrong size bra!!!

 I will be honest neither one are cheap of they are of GOOD QUALITY! My best ones cost anywhere from $25-$30 but they work wonders!! You can find them in most large department stores in the under garment section. You  Kohl’s and Sears have affordable prices for everyday women.

Some ladies refuse to squeeze into body shapers these due to comfort-ability but to that I say: suck it up!  Giggle! No really. You will get use to it over time, and you fall in love with the instant slimming you see in the mirror. P.S. You don’t have to wear one everyday.

This is my body type. I love it! I have mastered how to rock curves with let's figure out your type....

This is my body type. I love it! I have mastered how to rock curves with let’s figure out your type….

WORK YOUR BODY TYPE: Assess Which One You Are?

Do a GOOGLE search for the best items to fit your body type. For example, I have a whole lot of hips! So I know that I am a pear shape. So I found this picture to show me a visual of celebs with my same body type:

This gives me an easy way to search for clothes and pictures that would look the most flattering on my body!

 Take the Body Type Quiz to determine your body type!

So all in all, muffin tops are not cute nor are too small clothes. Neither are you trying to wear all the latest fads and trends if they don’t look good on your body type. But, the key to looking your best always is to work what you got—but in a classy way!


:::BONUS::: — Here is a great episode of Dr. Oz Secrets of Plus Sized Models where Plus Size models discuss their secrets to looking fabulous and slim at any size!!! They offer some really good tips and tricks girls!

Disclaimer: This post is meant for short term use, and in no way shape or form does it promote women to not live healthy lifestyles or make healthier choices in regards to eating and exercises for permanent weight loss and good health.

What is your body type? How do you work it?