2017 Black Friday VIP Deal

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The Burden of Black Women Burying their Pain: 3 Ways to Fix It “Iyanla” Style

After Iyanla took everyone’s edges when she called Neffe a #GutterSnipe this season I had to take a pause and truly reflect on how exactly Iyanla helps people “fix their life.”  Within our culture, it has been normalized to bury pain and to focus on surviving. But how can we ever move to a place of thriving and healing when we carry so much on shoulders day in and day out. The reality is that you can’t FIX what you refuse to FACE.

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Born FIERCE Is Now Available on Amazon

Synopsis: In a world of social media self-esteem, media mediocrity, and filtered worthiness it is so easy to forget who you are, why you are here, and what you are here to do. Whether you are ready to step into your purpose, love yourself more, or bounce back from a... read more

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