“Money is usually attracted, not pursued.” -Jim Rohn


The more I coach women and even continue on my own journey of healing, evolving, and glowing the more connections I am able to make between self-love and our relationships as women to money, men, and even food (ie. emotional eating!). It’s all connected and intertwined.

The TRUTH is most women who struggle with loving themselves also struggle with having a solid flow of income into their lives.

Money is energy. It is not a piece of green paper or a coin. The reason why you aren’t attracting the amount of money that you are worth is because you don’t have a good relationship with money, and you don’t think yourself worthy enough of it.

The first step to increasing your money flow is self-love. The amount you love yourself and see your own value is reflected in the amount of money you see coming in and GOING out week to week.

Money is attracted to you, not pursued by you. Just like we attract certain men and friends to us. We attract certain amounts of money to us.

Loving yourself is a sure fire way to start increasing your money flow. Loving money is the second sure fire way to increase your income.

If you are stuck in a “poverty mindset” of struggle, paycheck to paycheck, and “why does everything have to cost so much” mindset than I know for sure no quicker than your money comes to you that it leaves you for bills, food, gas, etc.

However, if you are in an “abundance mindset” of surplus, savings, investment, and “money loves me and is coming to me” mindset than I know for sure that you are comfortable where you are with your current income, but still interested in bringing in more.

I will repeat it: Everything in your life that you ever want to change or make better revolves back to SELF-LOVE and the amount of LOVE and FOCUS you are given it any given time.

Last year I made the decision that I was tired of struggling, living paycheck to paycheck and being BROKE after paying all my bills. I decided that I was not born to just pay bills and die. If God was my supply then I knew I was meant to prosper and flourish in abundance. Although, I have a a career I realized I was barely able to make a living when I had few dollars left over in my bank account after I paid bills.

Therefore, I decided ENOUGH was ENOUGH. I healed my relationship with money which I am still working on, but since I began this journey I have manifested …

$1,000 in cash in my hand (at a time when my bank account was on $0) and had been hacked for the 3rd time, received THREE job offers that supplemented my income (last summer I had three incomes and currently I do too), received more coaching clients who happily pay me to help support their transformation into the woman they desire to be,  had more women purchase my online course Make Me Over then I had in several months since it launched, received an additional opportunity to make more $ at my full time job, paid off my credit card bill, restocked my savings account (that seemed to dwindle every single month in 2014!) and the list keeps growing!

How to Be a Money Magnet:


1. Heal Your Money Story
Write down all of your current beliefs about money that you heard and learned since you were a child. Acknowledging the truth (just like with self-love) is the first step to healing it. Money can be blocked from coming to you based on your THOUGHTS!! Note: Skipping this step will guarantee you stay where you are.

2. Make a list of 25 ways you could make more money
Write down whatever comes to mind…just make sure it is legal Then pick the  two to start working on this week!

3.Write Yourself a Check
Write a check and post it on a mirror or wall where you will see it every day. Every day when you see it visualize checks coming to you in the mail from both expected and unexpected sources.

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