So often we as women allow fear, excuses, and doubt to hold use back from making our next BEST move.

But, doing the same thing you’ve always done with NO changes in results means you are SETTLING!

Are you settling?

Have you checked in with yourself lately to see if your current life truly matches your vision and values?

It’s hard to IMPROVE and PROGRESS when you are stuck settling.

Settling for the extra weight you are carrying instead of doing something about it.
Settling for a man just to have a “piece of a man”, and not be alone.
Settling with your current income when you know you could be making more.
Settling at your job when you know your purpose is WAY larger.
Settling for your negative thoughts when you know deep down you are PURE MAGIC (beauty, strength, purposed, brilliant, blessed, and highly favored)
STOP that ish right now. Stop settling. You don’t have to accept your current LIFE.
There is so much more in store for you. Are you ready for it?

Use  this worksheet to check yo self!



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