Being fierce doesn’t mean you don’t have challenges. It just means you succeed in spite of them.

My journey started with reaching a point where I was just too sick and tired of letting things stay the same. It all came down to saying “I’m DONE.” That’s probably where you are too.

Nothing changed until I changed how I was approaching my challenges.

Here’s what I mean…

I had excessive weight gain: I stopped thinking it was because I really loved food and dug deeper to see what was really going on.

The guys on my dates all seemed the same: I chose to change things on my end.

I was worried about other people’s opinions: I decided I’d stop letting that limit my success in business.

I wasn’t making the money I wanted: I saw that I couldn’t make more if I didn’t know how to manage the money I had.

Seeing a pattern here?

I started seeing my challenges as opportunities to unleash my fierce.

And today, things just keep getting better.

• I lead a movement that shows women how to own their worth so strongly that everyone pays attention. Read the manifesto here.

• I’ve been featured in the Huffington Post

• I’ve was named as one of the top 40 under 40 in business in my home state and featured in The News Journal

• Through my programs and products, I’m impacting women who are standing taller and stronger now.

• My community sends me heart-felt “thank you” emails that show the power of activating your fierce.


If you’ve having your own “I’m DONE” moment, then you can turn things around too.

You know that feeling you get when you say to yourself (for the millionth time), “I’ve got to get my shit together?” It’s that mix of anger and frustration that stays with you long after you say the words.

Well I’m the one you call when you want to stop sounding like a broken record and finally create results in your life (instead of more excuses.)

I’m Taria Pritchett. Coach. Speaker. Author.

Leader of the Unleash Your Fierce Movement.

My company exists because I want women to feel confident, lovable, strong, empowered, and fulfilled without settling in their life, relationships, or careers.

Through my programs and products, I show ladies how to let go of the baggage and stop settling for the bootleg happiness that holds them back. I teach them how to show up being empowered, sexy, ready and capable—like a boss.

In a nutshell, I show them how to find their fierce.


What’s bootleg happiness? It’s the momentary happiness that comes from doing stuff that doesn’t really make you fulfilled deep inside.

If you’re not truly 100% feeling happy with the way your life’s going, I can tell you why right now girl. Read on…

Through the women I’ve coached in my private and group coaching programs and through my own journey, I’ve seen that if something is off in one area of your life, it impacts all of your life.

If you aren’t mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally, romantically, and financially aligned, then that tells me one of these areas needs a little bit of a makeover. A fierce makeover.

And that’s where I come in.

I’ll help you:

Hold your head higher (now and always): We’ll unveil the best version of who you are, your deepest purpose, and why you’re worthy of having it all

Get your sh*t together like a boss: You’ll feel more secure, sure, and confident in where you are– -and where you’re headed

Keep the momentum going (no matter what or who tries to get in the way): Simple strategies to keep you consistently feeling confident, being happy, and in control of your life

Ready to unleash your fierce and let go of settling for bootleg happiness too?

Take the first step by signing up for my FREE GIFT.

Get my most downloaded and proven 5 step “confidence formula.” My clients get results and you are sure to see a change in how you walk, talk, and feel after you read this. It’s time you OWNED who you were. Stop playing small and start living fiercely.

Who is Taria?

Fun. Sassy. Fierce. Witty. Passionate. Regal

6 Random Facts about the HQIC (Head Queen In Charge) Around Here:


Hip-Hip gives me life. Rap is king to me. I am in absolute love with the words, beats, and rhymes. You can’t tell me nothing when I hear my favs on the radio…the lyrics may not always be the best, but the confidence gets me every time.


I’m a whole introvert. Quiet time refuels me and “me time” recharges me. I love to interact with people, but time to myself is golden.


I am a pasta girl for life! Want to win me over? Baked me some mac and cheese or toss some noodles in some sauce. This girl loves to enjoy an Italian affair at any time.


In 7th grade, I started a book club in my basement called, Black Girls Have Power. My purpose to find you and empower you was always meant to be boo. Besides my mom always said my dream job was to be a “counselor/therapist.” She wasn’t too far off the mark!


I am a very spiritual woman. I believe in astrology, tarot, the moon, the universe, and all that. The beautiful part is that I still not only love God but believe in Him fiercely. There is power in knowing yourself from a spiritual standpoint and as an empowered woman I have reaped the benefits of it time and time again. Don’t sleep on it until you tried it. Stay woke!


I am a jewelry fanatic! Walk into my bedroom and you will see an entire jewelry store laced with colorful necklaces, earrings, and rings for days. I love simplicity when I dress, but I love bringing the fierce in my accessories.

See how you can get started with your transformation today…