You can’t be fierce, confident, powerful, and successful  if you are not MENTALLY, PHYSICALLY, EMOTIONALLY, SOCIALLY, SPIRITUALLY, FINANCIALLY, AND ROMANTICALLY ALIGNED & TOGETHER.

If you’re not aligned, then it also means that your level of self-love is LOW which in turn lowers your ability to be CONFIDENT.

 Here are 9 signs that you need to get it together like ASAP:

1. Often feel like you are not enough and doubt that your body, your job/career, your relationships, or just your very being is not WORTHY enough to be accepted by other people or approved by people’s opinions.

2.  You can’t be consistent with anything—from eating right, to saying affirmations to praying to God. It’s like you do it every now and then and then wonder is God really hearing you. You struggle with having a strong spiritual life.

3.  You have a problem with MEN because you keep attracting the same type or NO type at all meaning you can’t get men to approach you, ask you out, or even take you on a date. Other times you settle for the unavailable and unwilling to love type of man. When is the last time you went out with a man or had a man hold you?

4. You OVER do everything- overwork, overeat, overcompensate, overreact, overwhelmed, and overdo it to get a man’s attention or have friends in your life.

5.   You are afraid to be alone—with your own thoughts and with yourself. You have to do everything with your friends, family, man, or children.

6.  Your money is not in order. You are in debt (not student loans or business investments but buying stuff you can’t truly afford). You don’t have a good relationship with money and constantly tell yourself, “I can’t afford that” or living paycheck to paycheck.

7.  You compare yourself constantly instead of admiring other women or asking other women how they do what they do…you envy them. You see their pics on social media and wonder “damn, what’s wrong with me. Why can’t I be like them?”  or You are always posting about your man, relationship, and/or sharing posts that express your anger or frustrations with other people or how others treat you.

8. Your home is cluttered, your car is not clean, your purse and wallet needs to be organized, your bedroom is not fit for the queen that you really are, and the way you DRESS doesn’t truly reflect who you are. Often use clothes, make-up, and outer appearance to cover your inner insecurities (ie. boobs always on display, wrong under body garments, or too small clothing)

9. Something is always distracting you or your plate is always so full. So you never have time to take care of yourself.
So, is this list resonating with you?

If so, that means that you are not CHOOSING yourself FIRST.

Life is all about CHOICES AND CHANGES.

What you have control over is the choices that you make because change is inevitable.

You have the power to CHOOSE to do something different to see your life change.

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