starting her day

How do you start your day? Are you like me and hit the snooze button after the alarm sounds to get a few more minutes of sleep? Or are you hyper-productive and able to jump right out of bed to get your day started right away?


Sometimes I laugh at myself because hitting that snooze button does absolutely nothing, yet there are some mornings that I faithfully hit it once or twice.


What I had to realize is this: “In order to get my day started right and create a harmony that will allow the rest of my day to flow naturally and gracefully there were some things that I needed to change.”


I’ll be honest with you, change is never easy. Sometimes it’s the hardest hurdle to overcome, but it’s a MUST in order to accomplish the tasks and goals that you set for the day and in life. So here are ten tips on how I created my “Kick Start Day” routine!


Tip #1

Sleep. You must get enough sleep which means shutting down the computer and cutting the TV off early. Now I’m not sure if this is as hard for you as it is for me, but I struggle with this often. I find myself trying to get so much done before heading to bed that I sometimes don’t lay my head down until 1 o’clock in the morning and I have to be up by 6 o’clock. NOT GOOD at all! This brings me to the next tip.


Tip #2

Discipline. This will take time, but you have to accept and adopt it quickly if you want to see results. This is where I struggle the most. An old saying says “It takes 90 days to form a habit” and this is the stage that I find myself continuously in and I’m not ashamed to admit it.


Tip #3

Pray/Meditate. Praying allows you to release all your problems to the creator – God. And meditating brings calmness and releases any anxiety that you may be experiencing. I noticed that when I communicate with the creator at the onset of my day I’m able to release any negativity and ask for his guidance and instruction for the day’s journey.


Tip #4

Stretch. Take a quick 1-2 minutes to stretch. This allows you to wake your body up and provides a burst of energy to get you going. I prefer to do a few yoga movements as it allows me to stretch my entire body in a few quick poses.


Tip #5

Hydrate. Drink a glass of water to refuel and rehydrate yourself. Before I grab that cup of coffee that I so desire in the morning, I make sure to drink at minimum 20 ounces of water first.

Tip #6

Positive Thinking. Find five positive quotes and post them in five different places that you visit every morning. Read them out loud to yourself each morning as this will help stimulate positive thoughts. I have positive affirmations in five different places that I touch every morning: the mirror on my dresser, the mirror in my bathroom, my cell phone set up as a daily task, the refrigerator, and my car. If you have trouble finding positive some try starting a sentence with the words “I AM… I WILL… & I CAN…” followed by things that describe how you visualize living your dreams. Create your own positive quotes/affirmations as they pertain to your life.

Tip #7

Listen to Music. Create a playlist of five songs that get you hyped and motivated to start your day. Call this your “Theme Song” list. They don’t have to be of any specific genre because mine sure aren’t I have 2 Gospel songs, 2 R&B songs and 1 Rap song. You might be thinking wrong on all levels, but these songs get me hyped and ready to tackle my day and the laundry list of to-do things that I have jotted down.

Tip #8

A Hearty Breakfast. Eat a nice hearty breakfast because it’s the most important meal of the day. DON’T SKIP IT!

 I Want to Hear From You:

  • What things do you do to kick start your day?
  • What other day kick starters have you heard of?