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Often times I hear the same things from women—1) vision boards don’t work 2) affirmations don’t work 3) I pray but I don’t know if God really hears me.

The truth is…all three statements are “false” because I’ve used all three and my life has completely changed and I heard stories of other women who have done the same!

I have stressed countless times before that the key to being an empowered woman is connected with your self (at the soul level) and your spirit (God level), and then feeding yourself (not literally) daily with the things that make you whole!
Most women think that because they talk to God, have a relationship with God, grew up in the church, or attend church now that they are effective at praying.

It’s not that you aren’t effective at praying, but if you’re currently not living your ideal life…you know the life you love full of happiness, bliss, purpose, pleasure, and love and all of the above and even beyond. Then, perhaps you could enhance your prayer life with the following tips…

  1. Journal about your life, your fears, doubts , your worries, your thoughts, your dreams, your goals, your heartache, your happiness….pretty much everything!

I can’t say it enough. JOURNALING will change your life. The act of focusing entirely on yourself and releasing from yourself will allow you to gain clarity, focus, and confidence in yourself before you begin to pray—Period! Check out my Ultimate Self-Love Journalhere to see what I mean.

  1. Create a prayer altar

You can pray anywhere! I mean anywhere! My favorite spot is actually in the shower! However, a year ago I created a “prayer” altar in my house. It is a small wooden table from Ikea that has fresh flowers, candles, and it is full of items that reflect “love” including pictures, crystals, and other knick knacks that resemble messages I love and want to always remember such as “I know the plans I have for you -Jeremiah”.

I don’t use it every single day, but at least once a week. Usually Sundays I light my candles and I pray from anywhere from 20 mins to 60 mins. Short prayers have there place, but I believe the only way to truly build a relationship is to spend quality time.

When I journal ahead of time, I have so much more to say to God, to ask God, and to thank God for. Other examples are Happy Black Woman’s Rosetta Thurman’s “personal altar” and author/speaker Heather Lindsey’s prayer corner and prayer room in her house.

  1.  Ask God questions

One of the quickest ways to receive answers from God is to ask questions. Be specific with the questions and be reasonable. So asking “why is this happening to me?” usually doesn’t come with a response or at least it will take a while to get to you. You can refocus that question to be: “God, what is this experience teaching me?  I know you are using this for my good, and in time you will reveal to me why it is so.”

Even go so far as to ask God to send you a specific sign. Such as “Lord, if this is the man I am to marry, please send me a rainbow to confirm it.”…(Yup, I tried this one after hearing another woman try it…saw like 3 rainbows randomly a few days later…was it really random? No! God was responding!)

  1.  Surrender to His plan and divine flow

“Surrendering” is not for the faint of heart. Although we can ask God for what we want as much as we want. Nothing will come close to His plan for you. Therefore, you might ask him to keep you and Ron together, but if that isn’t in the plan, and he has Phillip ready for you, then he may deny that request.  It’s not because he doesn’t like you or want to see you happy, but because he wants you to have the best!

Therefore, although we pray and we ask or we believe God is on our side and then something horrible happens that causes you to question him…remember he works in mysterious ways because he has a PLAN for you.

Pray and release any attachment to the outcomes because ultimately what will occur, what has occurred, and what is occurring in your life is all a part of his divine plan for your life. Everything is unfolding perfectly—recognize it!

  1.  Give thanks and express gratitude

Always give him praise and  thanks for everything he has done, is doing, and will do in your life. Express gratitude for even the smallest things. For me, it took me an extremely long time to purchase my first car. I rode the bus for years and years and years.

Even until this day, whenever I see a bus or I see people on a bus stop, I always silently or loudly say, “Lord thank you for blessing me with this car. I am so grateful.” It means that much to me. When you express gratitude, He will bring you more things to be thankful for.

  1. Ask for forgiveness for yourself and others

Ask God for forgiveness even if it is just from that one day or the past week since you prayed. Also, ask that he allow others who you may have impacted negatively to forgive you. God is merciful and he expects us to be the same towards ourselves and others.

  1. Send love and light to others (even people you dislike or need to forgive)

If someone has hurt you, betrayed you, or aggravates you….pray for them. Yes, it will be hard, but in addition to the people you love that you pray for… pray for enemies, haters ,doubters, betrayers, liars, and so on. It is one of the quickest ways to heal and move forward. Give it a go! I promise.

  1.  Meditate on God’s responses

After you pray (doesn’t have to be directly afterwards or it could be days later). Go into a quiet space, sit down or lay down, close your eyes and listen for any responses God might send you. If you train your mental chatter to stop…you can hear more than you ever thought possible. Answers will flood your mind! Guaranteed. Get still and silent so you can hear. 

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  • Which of these tips can you use to enhance your prayer life?
  • Have you ever or recently have your prayers answered? Share your testimony!
  • Is there another tip that you would add to this list? Let me know.

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