Confident women are both admired and envied. For we aspire to be them and then we decide perhaps we aren’t worthy enough or good enough to get on that level.

Confidence can be learned. It can be evolved. It can be brought out of you just as much as it can be poured into you.

What separates the confident from the not-so-confident is that the confident woman has habits that she has developed over time that help her keep moving forward towards her vision, achieving her goals, and feeling fulfilled and happy with her life.

Here are 7 habits that highly confident women all embody: 

  1. They believe in themselves
    Highly confident women know that they are worthy of winning at life. They put in the time and energy to ensure they silence their inner critic and turn up the volume on their inner cheerleader. She does this by affirming her beauty, brilliance, and boldness daily through affirmations, prayers, daily devotions, and looking at visual reminders of her dream life such as vision boards.
  2.  They have learned the power of healing and forgiveness
    Highly confident women don’t constantly beat themselves up or keep reliving past mistakes in their head. They took the necessary steps to forgive themselves, drop their baggage, and free themselves to experience a new confident and empowered life. Fabulous & Free 21 Day Healing Guide is here!
  3.  They take full responsibility for their lives
    Highly confident women do not blame others for their current circumstances. They instead take full responsibility for who they are and the life they live.
  4.  They build a respectable personal brand
    Highly confident women realize that they are a brand. They realize that their reputation matters, and they are conscious about the impressions they leave on other people. Therefore, they put more effort into how they look, what they say, what they post to social media, and how they interact with people online and in person.
  5. They are constantly developing themselves personally and professionally
    Highly confident women see the power in personal development. Therefore, they have no problem investing in books, courses, coaching, programs, seminars, webinars, conferences, etc. that will further teach her how to improve herself and help her continue to evolve into the woman she desires to be.
  6.  They take care of themselves
    Highly confident women understand that self-care is essential for living a fulfilling life. She ensures she regularly attends doctor’s visits, takes time for herself, puts effort into finding balance in her life, and sets aside daily time to empower and uplift herself mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.
  7. They let failure and setbacks fuel them
    Highly confident women use life’s curve balls to strengthen themselves, refocus their actions, or move in a new direction. Instead of throwing a self-pity party, blame marathon,  or self-doubt dance off they feel the negative emotion, look for the lesson in the situation, and then keep it moving. This is how a woman becomes unstoppable.

    Comment Below and Tell Me:

  • Which of these do you most need to work on?
  • What habits would you add to this list?


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