Few people know this about me but, one thing I really love is interior designing. Love it!  Every regal woman may not have a home fit for a queen on the outside, a room to themselves, or even a place to call your own quite yet, but that does not mean that you can’t have a space where you live that is fit for a queen! Making your bedroom your sanctuary will be a decision you will be glad you made on those days when you return to your humble abode.

You deserve a space that embodies the real you, and makes you feel like a regal queen when you enter!  

See pictures at the end of post for ideas!!!!!!

Here are seven ways to turn your bedroom into your sanctuary:


You will never get a room fit for a queen if there is stuff everywhere! First things first…clean up and toss out everything you don’t need. This includes a closet clean out day….donate your stuff to a place like Goodwill.


Select the theme you want for your room: modern feel, purple and gold, vintage style, fashionista central, etc (make it authentic to you!). If you share, consult with the other person and select something that gets you both…COMPROMISE!


Let’s face it: white walls can be boring….painting can spice up any room. Keep in mind that different colors produce different moods and effects.


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 4.   COVER UP!

If you haven’t already, purchase at least two sheet sets with matching comforters that represent your theme and/or compliment your paint. Something as simple as having matching sheets and comforter can change your perception of your room. Mixed match sets will make you feel mixed up yourself believe it or not. There is a certain peace that comes with having a coordinating bed set.

 5. MOVE IT!

Move your furniture around. I use to do this faithfully, and it does shift your perspective on your room…makes it feel new and fresh. Or purchase some new pieces! Goodwill is a very inexpensive place to get some new furniture to spice up your room.


Make your room more intimate and personal by purchasing smaller lamp(s) or other lighting fixtures to go in your room instead of using the big light on the ceiling all the time.


Add personal touches throughout your room that add to your theme! This includes pictures, posters, portraits, additional furniture, stylish curtains, items to go on top of a dresser, places to put your jewelry and organize your shoes, etc. THESE LITTLE TOUCHES MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE BECAUSE THEY REPRESENT YOU!!!

How you feel in this space will determine your mood!

Your bedroom (heck, your whole house) should be a place of total peace and relaxation! It should feel like home sweet home.

What do you do to personalize your bedroom or house?