It’s about to get REAL, but I say this all with LOVE:

What or who in the world told you it was okay to DOUBT yourself?

Please let me know…because I’m tracking them down and smacking the MESS out of them.

Did you forget who you are?

Excuse me…perhaps you FORGOT that you were beautifully and wonderfully made?

Or did you forget that you are the sun, the moon, the stars, and the whole damn galaxy.

Good God Almighty made you fiercely, fabulous, and fly…like molded you, purposed you, and birthed you…because Lawd knows everyone doesn’t make it. But you DID!

Did you forget who you are?

Please insert name, I am (insert first name) motherloving ( insert last name)…YOU that’s who you are.

Did you know that men carry 20-300 million sperm at a time, but it only takes 1 to make a BABY. Just 1 out of millions!

So you are ONE out of a million (even if your daddy wasn’t about squat)
Did you know that all those times you were setback, and you made a comeback were not made in vain?

Like God really came through for you and this is how you repay Him…come on!!!

Did you know that there is something about you that nobody else on this planet can claim?

Like God gave every single person a purpose, a calling, an assignment that is unique to them.

So you are here for a reason…not for a pity party, sob story, doubt fest, fear festival—none of that!!

Anyway, you get my point!
You doubting yourself is pure criminal.

And if you do it again, I’m locking your butt up. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

The world needs all of your incredible radiance (only people who don’t get it are the naysayers and men who are players) besides that you need to let your light SHINE!
I refuse to go another day, hearing another woman say she is “doubting herself.”

Girl, WAKE UP. The only women who understand what I’m saying are the women that “stay woke.”

Wake up to your power. Can’t nobody do it like you. Can’t nobody be you. Can’t nobody make you feel bad without you consenting to it. Can’t nobody steal your joy. Can’t nobody turn you around.

And if you think they can, then we need to have a talk sweet pea. Submit a request to chat here, and I’ll give you a ring so we can get this thing together.

Doubt is going to keep killing your dreams, starving your desires, robbing your peace, kidnapping your success, and murdering your vision for a better life. I’m not here for any of that.

So as the confidence coach that I am….I am coming through just for you. Sign up to talk to me now so we can get this thing in order.

A world full of women who know their worth, claim it, and own that ish with a FIERCE vengeance is what I’m on a mission to ignite in women who are ready to be strong, powerful, confident, and unstoppable.

Are you ready?