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Any and all self-love gurus, life coaches, women around the way, girlfriends and so on will boast about affirmations! They are wonderful. They are great! But, some women are losing faith in them because they use them and they don’t work! While there are others who use them and girlfriend got it going on! If that’s not you, read on honey!


Affirmations DO work. Mantras do work. Incantations are useful. Prayer does work. If you ever find that those aren’t working for you, that’s because you either a) don’t know how to write them effectively b) don’t really believe what you’re saying c) don’t say them enough d) all of the above.

Affirmations are an excellent tool for upgrading your mindset to more loving, confident, and positive thoughts. You want to reprogram you mind, then start speaking to yourself differently.

So here are some simple steps to up your affirmation game:

  1. Be clear about what you desire (Write it down to help you get gain clarity and confidence in what you want! Be sure to tap into the five senses to really help you. DREAM BIG!)


2. Write in PRESENT tense and POSITIVE terms as if it’s happening now

(ex. My body is toned and tightened, I am a CEO of my own company, My man is showing up now, I spend and save money wisely, I am am happy and whole, My closet is filled with shoes, clothes, and handbags of luxury, etc.)

3. Write affirmations and post them in visible places

Writing/Typing them on your favorite color paper, post-it notes, slips on décor paper, etc will make it more meaningful. Post these affirmations everywhere you frequent: your car, your bedroom mirror, inside your closet, screen saver on your phone, your wallet, your desk at work, your refrigerator, etc

***If you don’t feel comfortable posting them everywhere, it is wise to place them in a beautifil journal and read from there.


4. COMMIT to repeating your affirmations daily

This is usually the part that trips women up. In order for affirmations to work, they must be said. Your mind: both conscious and subconscious (the one that is really running everything) needs to hear these words. Through your words you are creating a new reality.

Start small by disciplining yourself to say 1-3 every morning for a certain amount of days

Get this routine going then add to it. Add in doing it twice per day by reading them after you wake and before you go to sleep. Or add in saying them on your break at work. Whatever works for you. Make it work! Daily rituals are essential. See how my boo Oprah does it here.

Note: It is okay to miss a day or two sometimes three. Just get back to it! Practice compassion for yourself. No one is perfect and missing a day does not mean it’s something wrong with you or you’re not built for this…because you are!

5. Act as If It Has Happened

Saying it is one thing, but actually taking ACTION on it is another. The more you say it, the more you believe it. The more important it is for you to act like you are already at that level you desire.

This is how you raise your internal vibration and reprogram your mind for new things to come into your life

6. Heal Your Blocks 

Ensure you have done the proper inner work it takes to make way for these new things to manifest in your life. Affirmations work when they have a way to flow into your life, but if you are holding onto any baggage then it gots to go! Read here for more help with that.

 What affirmations are you going to create for your BIG, BEAUTIFUL, REGAL, CONFIDENT, EMPOWERED, AND FABULOUS LIFE:

Comment Below:

  • Which of these steps have you skipped in the past?
  • Write out an example affirmation you would use based on these tips, post below
  • What part of affirmations do you still struggle with?

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