A blog is one of the easiest ways to strengthen your mission, branding, and focus as an entrepreneur. Here are six reasons why you need to start a blog now (if you haven’t already):

  1. It will help you clarify your core message
    Every business owner needs a clear message that they are constantly promoting to the world so they attract their ideal clients/audience. As you blog, you being to clarify what matters to you most. Ensure your blog has an “ABOUT” page that shares a picture of yourself and your “Mission.”
  2. It will help you create a solid brand
    A business without a clear brand will be overlooked for business! By starting a blog you will begin to position yourself as a brand based on the colors, fonts, tone, mood, and topics your blog covers. A blog gives you the freedom to explore the building blocks to creating a brand that people will LOVE!
  3. It positions you to profit
    You can use your blog as an excellent tool to make extra income by offering your first product or service to your readers or selling ad space depending on the number of visitors you receive.
  4. It helps you build a tribe of raving fans who love you
    In business, the people who eventually pay for your products or services are considered your “raving fans.” More than likely these are the people who get to know you over time. The best way to do this is to have them on an e-mail list so you can constantly build a relationship with them. Add a SIGN UP box on your blog to collect these e-mails AT ALL TIMES! No exceptions.
  5. It gives you endless content to use
    All of your content on your blog can be repurposed and used as topics for videos, e-books, online courses, coaching packages, speaking topics, workshop topics, and your very own published book.
  6. It helps you figure out what people actually want help with
    If many people comment, like, or share a certain blog post than it must have resonated with them. This is a great way to see what your clients/customers would want more of in the future. So take note. People only follow and pay for what they need help with.

    BONUS: Anyone in the world can find you and want to hire you or work with you!

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