You’ve heard it before. We are the sum total of the five people we hang around the most! Women truly invested in being empowered and living the life they desire get there much quicker by surrounding themselves with men and women who are at their level or higher.

As we grow older, finding friends on our level gets harder. Additionally, friends come and go as we evolve and change. This comes with the territory. At different stages in our lives we have to be honest with ourselves and honor ourselves when there are friends who no longer add value or who drain our energy OR when there are friends who need to be added such as when getting married, moving to a new state, starting a business, having a baby, losing weight, and so on.

Let A Friend Go If…
If there is a person in your life who a) makes you feel unworthy b) is a taker c) has negative energy d) has a mindset that doesn’t match where you are headed e) is disloyal and dishonest f) takes advantage g) only contacts you when they want something h) always has a sob story/causing drama i) causes you stress j) competes with you then it is time you LET THEM GO!

Reevaluate Your Circle If…

You are the smartest, wisest, most successful, and most polished one in your friend group, then you need to expand your circle. Your circle should be equal and you should receive just as much as you give.

Instead, you need to focus your energy on building a circle of friends who are worthy of being in your life, build you up, value you and bring value, and support you, and don’t compete with you.

Upgrade Your Friend Circle If…
You want to be more confident, empowered, polished, and successful. Then you have to start networking and befriending women and men who are at the next level. People who are closer to where you want to be will help you upgrade your mindset and lifestyle so that you can get closer to living the regal and fab life you desire. It will be uncomfortable at first, but it is the push you need to move to the next level. You are worthy of it!

For years I have struggled to find my own circle of friends that were like-minded and on my level. I’ve always felt like I grew leaps and bounds past where my friends were because of my personality, my ambitions, and my fierce commitment to being confident and empowered. Everyone is just not on the same page as me, but I knew there were women out there who were.

I was finally able to connect with women similar to me when I took a step out of my comfort zone, and positioned myself to find like-minded women who were worthy of my time and who helped me become better as a woman.

I found that evolving into the woman I desire to be is so much easier when I have sisters in my corner who get me, respect me, encourage me, uplift me, value me, love me, empower me, dream with me, laugh with me, and most importantly were on the same path and page as me!

Here are five ways you can find like-minded women to connect with: 

  1. Find local groups on that fit your interest personally and professionally
  2. Attend conferences, retreats, and seminars on topics of interest to you
  3. Join Facebook groups that match your interest and engage with people there
  4. Participate in local groups in your community or attend local events such as (ie. Urban League Young Professionals, Coalition of 100 Black Women, YWCA, etc.) Google it!
  5. Volunteer somewhere that fits your passion and purpose
  6. BONUS: Use hashtags on Facebook and Instagram to find like minded individuals to follow and eventually reach out to
  7. BONUS: Send e-mail or Facebook message to women who you feel like you connect with and ask to go out for coffee/lunch/dinner


Comment Below:

  • What resonated with you most?
  • What challenges do you face with friendships?
  • Where have you founded like-minded women before?


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