The best way for a woman to get to know herself is to become more self-aware of who she is and the personal power that lies within herself.

Once you activate that power within, a woman will begin to focus less on having other people fill her up or having other people’s opinions matter about who she is and what choices she makes.

Here are 5 ways a woman can FILL her own self up and become the confident and empowered woman she was destined to be:

  1.   Tell the Truth

Be honest with yourself about who you are, where you are in life, how you are feeling, what is working and what is not working, and about what you would like to see change in your life. The best way to do this is take out a sheet of paper and writing down your “truth.” No one else needs to read it or see it but you.

  1.  Connect with God

First and foremost, every confident and empowered woman recognizes that fulfillment comes from within not make-up, money, material things, or men. Within yourself houses the spirit of God.

If you want to find yourself again and power up your confidence, build a stronger relationship with God. This means committing to daily prayer, mediation, the process of surrendering to divine flow, and recognizing that you need to start seeing, treating, and loving yourself in the same way that God loves you.

This is the process of “spiritual awakening.” When a woman is awakened it’s VERY hard to get lost in other things.

  1.  Get a Mentor

Reach out to a woman who you admire on different levels: mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally, and even professionally. Ask her to go out to lunch or dinner and share  with her that you admire her and that you are interested in developing yourself to your highest potential, and see what she can offer in terms of helping you find clarity and insight to help you become the woman you desire to be.

Every woman needs a mentor (s) regardless of her age. In addition, mentors can be useful in all different areas: health/fitness, career, finances, confidence, relationships, and so on.

Select the areas you want to work on and reach out to someone to mentor you or even consider investing in a coach to help hold you accountable to follow through and reach your goals.

  1. Read Books

Books are a really inexpensive way to empower one self. Not only do they give insight and wisdom, many books include exercises and examples that help you gain clarity and aid you in becoming more self-aware. Not only that but it puts you in a position to become more confident.

Lacking confidence comes from a place of not knowing enough about a particular topic whether that be yourself or a new concept at work or even how to talk to a man with poise and confidence.

You can easily increase your own confidence, understanding of yourself, and your life by reading inspirational books, personal development books, memoirs and autobiographies of other women, and self-help books that provide tips, techniques, and methods others have used to empower themselves.

  1. Invest in Education

Just like you put time, money, effort, and resources into going to college or getting that certification for your vocation, the same is true for your own personal growth and development.

It is my belief that most women spend far too much time preparing for their careers, then they do fully developing the woman they were destined to be. Instead they end up with a job or career that they like (for the most part) and can do well, but still lag in all other areas of their lives.
Therefore, investing in an online course, program, podcast, seminar, conference, teleseminar, webinar, and so on is worth it if you are learning valuable information to increase your self-love, confidence, and personal power.
**Many of those mentioned above are FREE, however, when you are really ready to make a deep, everlasting, change you will need to prioritize your funds and ensure you can pay for support to help you evolve and grow. 

When a woman truly knows herself she in turn begins to fall in love with herself. When a woman is in love with herself and her life, she begins to radiate and GLOW. Her light begins to light the way for others to shine their lights which in turn makes the world as a whole a better place. 

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