In my last blog post, I shared with you the importance of building your own confidence routine which is a secret weapon I use to keep my confidence high, my mood happy, and my life like it’s golden!

Confidence Routine®– is a daily (or weekly) ritual that a woman implements into her life that keeps her mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually whole, focused, and fulfilled.

Here are five steps to create your own confidence routine:

  1. Select at least 3 things that uplift, motivate, inspire, and recharge you (prayer, saying affirmations, journaling, listening to music, reading, exercising, completing personal development exercises, watching uplifting videos, viewing someone’s social media page, yoga, etc)
    **Highly recommend saying custom affirmations that are tailored specifically to you

Here’s another sneak peek into what I use for mine:

2. Select a time of day when you have at least 15-20 minutes free (make time if necessary)

3. Write down your confidence routine. For example:

Every morning before I get dressed I will:

  • Meditate for 5 Minutes
  • Journal for 5 Minutes
  • Pray for 5 Minutes

4. Complete your routine every day for at least 21 days when you first start (it takes 21 days to create a new habit)

5. Change, adjust, add, or remove parts that you struggle to commit to daily, add something new that is missing, or incorporate something you previously left out

**Note: Even if you don’t do it every day don’t beat yourself up if you miss a day or two.

When you have a bad day, feel fear, doubt, worry, or unworthy…use your “confidenceroutine” as your go-to to pick yourself up. Trust me, it works wonders!

Comment below and let me know:

  • Was this helpful?
  • What will your routine be?
  • Do you already do some of these things? Is it working? Why or why not?


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