So I am in love with Queen Sugar on Oprah’s OWN Network. It is coming on TONIGHT and I am hype! If you haven’t tuned in, girl you are MISSING OUT!

Not only is the character Ralph Angel fine as hell, but I am in love with his son Blue. Cuteness Overload.

This show is one of the most complex, beautiful, and prolific shows on TV. All of the characters are flawed, but  are written in such a relateable way that you can easily see yourself in the characters.

Here are five lessons I have learned about LOVE from Queen Sugar:

  1. Unworthiness will Cause Distraction & Disruption Until You Handle It

The character Nova is such a huge ball of contradictions from smoking weed to boycotting the criminal justice system. However, in one scene where she sits outside of her man’s house (a white, married man) and cries as he plays with his children & wife. You can literally feel the heartbreak and unworthiness.

When we choose to put all of our attention into everything OUTSIDE of ourselves, and we resist the inner healing we truly need, it will distract us from our purpose and true love.

  1.  Everybody Won’t Be Able to Handle the Healed & Evolved Version of You

Nova’s brother, Ralph Angel has a son named Blue and his child’s mother, Darla is seen as a disgrace. She is a former addict and at her lowest point their child is taken away from her to live with Ralph’s aunt Vi. On the last episode, when no one wanted her around she stands her ground. She thanks aunt Vi for taking her child and she shares that she was at a low point, but has since healed because that was unhealthy season of destruction that didn’t define her.

When we heal and evolve, everyone will not understand or like the new you because they can be too busy stuck on the old you. That’s none of your business though. You can’t make other people happy, but you are responsible for doing better than you use to.

  1. Generational Curses will Plague You if You Don’t Break the Cycle

As mentioned previously, Nova is involved with a married man. Her father also had an affair with a white woman and fathered a child which is her sister Charley who she despises. Aunt Vi brings this to her attention. She falls into the same unhealthy pattern.

When we fail to heal ourselves and be deeply reflective about our patterns, we tend to attract similar experiences into our lives over and over again that do not really serve our highest good.

  1. Relationships are Teachers

Charley is married to a high profiled NBA player, however when a rape scandal hits the news that involves him…the tables turn on her “perfect life.” From there it goes downhill (watch to get the details). It begins to unfold publicly before everyone’s eyes and she, along with her son, must manage the pain of their family’s unfortunate break down in front of the entire world.

When we are in relationship with others we often see it as a way to make us happy, but in reality the purpose is to teach us something. Men are our mirrors and they reflect back to us things we need to heal, things we have changed, and things we are doing well with.

  1. Loving & Loyal Men Exist But They Are Not Perfect

Aunt Vi’s man Hollywood is a good man who is helping out his ex-wife because of insurance she needs for mental illness. Good, maybe? Could he be hiding more? Possibly.  On the other hand, Ralph and Nova’s sister Charley is falling for a good and loving man on the farm named Remy. Neither are perfect, but bother have proven to be loving, loyal, and committed. Although Charley & Remy haven’t started dating you can see his qualities coming out.

When we are looking for mates who are perfect often times we come up short. No man is perfect, but there are men who loving and loyal if we open ourselves up to the possibilities that exist beyond just “your type”.

I will be sad when this season is over because I enjoy it so much. If you find yourself struggling with men and relationships, then I invite you to take it a step further and get my Magnetic with Men Bundle here or sign up for more support in my Magnetic with Men Bootcamp.