Being in business means that you are a HUGE risk taker. You are courageous, brave, bold, fearless, and confident. As an entrepreneur you constantly deal with failure and trial and error, which however, can be minimized if you pay attention to the success of others.

Like famed life coach, Tony Robbins, always says, “Success leaves clues,” and so does failure. Avoid the following mistakes to ensure you are building a successful business:

  1. Not understanding how business ACTUALLY works

Most entrepreneurs make being in business look easy! Espeically with the recent growth of online businesses, growth of the life coaching business, and the #girlboss movement.

However, that is far from the truth. A real businesswoman knows how business ACTUALLY works. She knows the nuts and bolts of running a small business all the way down to her numbers (money going out and coming back in) all the way to her daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual to-dos.
Do you know yours?

2. Not investing any money in their business

If you don’t invest any money in coaching, books, courses, branding, graphic design, website hosting, product creation, etc then your bound to FAIL!! Being cheap with your business will result in you making $0. What you give out is what you get back.

How you invest in your business is how others will invest in you.

How have you invested in your business this year?

3. Not building a solid brand

An idea is one thing. A passion is one thing. A desire to run a business is another thing. A hope that you will sell something is a whole other thing. If you want to truly make your MARK on the world, build a fierce and fab brand that your ideal customer/clients LOVE! If your brand SUCKS, your business will suffer, make no sales, and make no lives better.

A clear, solid, and beautiful brand BRINGS all the customers to the yard!!

Do you have a solid brand plan in place?

4. Expecting family and friends to support your business

Your family and friends are not your ideal clients/customers…so worrying about what they think does NOT matter. You will find that some people will embrace your business and others surprisingly will NOT. Remember it’s not for them to understand, God gave you the vision not them. Some people won’t support until they “SEE” your success.

Where can I find other support for my business?

5. Not Being Consistent and Visible
If you want to stay booked solid with sales, clients, or customers than you have to get out into the world daily. Everybody knows McDonald’s and they make some GOOD money. Wouldn’t you agree?!?

However, they still spend a LARGE portion of their revenue on advertising, why?

Marketing  =  Sales.

McDonald’s has commercials, billboards, radio ads, social media updates, magazine ads, and recently an APP. They are constantly in your face whether you consciously realize it or not. Being consistent and visible PAYS off.

How will you stay connected to your target market?

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