In order for your business to flourish both locally and globally, you must establish yourself as the go-to-girl in your industry.

Beyond the tradition of having a fancy website all set up & ready to go or getting formally trained as a coach or specialist (which will certainly add to your credibility), but you don’t have to have a piece of paper to do what God called you to do. Start claiming it NOW!

Here are 4 simple ways to establish your presence starting now: 

1. Claim Your Space on the Web
Purchase your business or personal name before someone else does. Get a web presence. A website is your digital business card for all things “you.” Go purchase your (.com, .net., .org, and so on) NOW!

If you’re not ready to launch a website yet, get a FREE page in the meantime to start claiming your expertise and brand presence in the world.

**GoDaddy has good deals on domains. Do your research. Domain names are usually under $10. They last for a certain period of time. Google your idea first before trying to purchase.

2. Start a Blog
Blogging is a sure fire way to a) increase your knowledge on your topic b) show others you are indeed an expert in a certain area c) it gives you tons of content to reuse as a future book, video, workbook, online course, workshop, speaking topics, etc.

**Wordpress is an easy platform to use but there are others. Do your research. 

 3. Create a Youtube Channel
Start teaching others what you know or sharing resources or information your target audience would like to hear. As you know people become famous and bring in lucrative paychecks from vlogging (video blogging).
4. Coin a Phrase
Create a catchy tagline or phrase for your business. Center it around your “Why” for starting the business and consider the legacy you want to lead. Start using it as a hashtag on all social media platforms and get a t-shirt designed to start wearing. Build a buzz for your brand and a MOVEMENT for your business and your impact and income will soar to new heights.


Comment Below & Tell Me:
  • Which one of these will you try?
  • Where are you still stuck or struggling with your business idea or business?
  • Which of the topics above would you like me to discuss in future blog posts?

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