1. Dress to Impress
    Look your absolute best this holiday season! Add in a little make-up. Put extra time into picking out your clothes. Include jewelry especially if you usually don’t. Watch some YouTube tutorials for ideas. MAKE A STATEMENT!
  2. Prepare Yourself for Negativity
    Be prepared for questions from family like “when you getting married?” and other sly comments that often make our confidence plummet “Mmmmm you’re getting big aren’t you? You might want to watch what you eat” or my favorite one “you’re too sensitive.” Think about everything that is normally said or might come up and prepare your answers before you arrive.
  3. Be Grateful
    Regardless of how you must celebrate this year. Just be grateful for who you are, what you have, and where you currently are in your life. You are exactly where you are supposed to be.
  • Show appreciation if you have lost loved ones by visiting the cemetery.
  • Write your future beau a cute letter showing thanks for him if you’re single and feeling lonely.
  • If your funds are tight, write yourself a check for X amount of money to come to you in 2016.

4. Know Yourself
Usually when you lack confidence, it’s because you are not well versed in an area. Spend time alone this holiday getting to know yourself better. Reflecting. Journaling. Praying. Planning…for the new year!

The perfect way is to use my 2016 FIERCE Dream Life Planner which you can download here. Join hundreds of other women who have downloaded it already.

BONUS: Show up to your family or friend’s gathering with a SURPRISE. Whether it be a drink, game for all to play, a new hairstyle, a man, or something else they aren’t expecting. Confidence is all about taking risks and doing WHATEVER you WANT to do without needing validation from others.

P.S. You can download my 2016 FIERCE Dream Life Planner here.