At the start of every new year is the renewed sense to be more, live more, laugh more, and experience more. This year is no different. While the feeling of the “NEW” year is fresh in our hearts and minds, here are three ways to live your most juicy, loving, fun yet productive year:
1. Purposeful:

Be more purposeful this year by creating a mission statement (a how-to is coming in a future e-mail) that you will live by for this year. Ensure that this mission statement is clear, concise, and speaks to your soul. Post it in a highly visible place at home and at work. Hold yourself even more accountable by sharing it to one of your social media profiles.

For example: Here is a spicy and sassy mission statement from one of my favorite blogger boos, Gala Daling:

Vision. Confidence. Chutzpah.Wild dreams & radical self love. Curiosity, wonder & spontaneous delight.Seek magic; adore the moment.Dare to be true; dare to be eager.Emancipate, & above all,be a love letter to the universe.

2. Passionate:

Be more passionate this year by indulging in something you absolutely, positively love that you haven’t done in a while or don’t do as often as you would like. Consider something you love to do that few people know about, or something you use to love as a child that you haven’t did in years, a hobby that you love that you haven’t did in months.

For example, recently on Instagram I came across some AMAZING and DOPE poets! I swear they have transported me back to my childhood when I was a poetry writing machine. I now have 5 new poetry books to read and even found a new website that I love, love! I am so passionate about poetry. I don’t think it is my calling per se, but it certainly is something that stirs my soul!

The other day I pulled out all of my poems from 10 years ago! Whoa! It was deep, fun, and such a joy to reflect on who I use to be and how I have evolved and in some ways I am still me!

So guess who will be writing poetry this year? Me!! Guess who will even try to attend more poetry events this year? Me. Guess who might even try to host or spit at a spoken word event? Me. I can only imagine how much more amazing my poetry can be especially since I have healed and evolved to a new level. Dopeness is coming….watch out! Lol.



Be more pleasurable this year by doing things that bring you pure bliss and joy. If you follow your bliss, you will be so much more happier. Make a list of 30 things that bring you pleasure (ie. children, chocolate, orgasms (yup! I said it!), kisses, ice cream, walks on the beach, reading, music, watching Netflix, etc). Then commit to doing at least one of those things per day!

For example, I recently burned myself a CD (old school…I know!) of all my favorite songs. For those who know me really well, I love, love hip-hop/rap music and I just had to have my favorite music on repeat.

Since I made that CD people have been turning to see who I am when I get out of my car because I have been blasting music (even though this is one of my BIGGEST pet peeves from others….hypocrite…I know but hear me out!) and I’ve been dancing my behind off like nobody is watching while I’m driving! Every time I walk in somewhere after I park I am the happiest and most joyful person to be around. Simple changes can do wonders.

REPLY: I Want to Know:

  • How do you plan to make this year more purposeful?
  • How do you plan to make this year more passionate?
  • How to do you plan to make this year more pleasurable?