Coaching is becoming one of the largest growing industries. Coaching varies from relationship coaching to health coaching to feminine power coaching to brand coaching, and beyond…the possibilities are endless.

Have you been toying with the idea of becoming a coach? If so, you are in the right place. Coaching is a rewarding experience and it has tremendous impact on others. Here are a few steps you can take to begin your journey into the coaching world:

1.Determine your SPECIFIC area of expertise

Consider what the focus of your coaching will be. Becoming clear on your area of focus will help you more easily attract ideal clients who want to work with you. It is okay to be specific which makes the service you provide even more valuable.

For example, Jenna La Flamme does health coaching for women who want to lose weight. However, she bases her coaching on the idea that losing weight is about including more pleasure into your life. This is specific which allows her business to have a unique selling point (usp). This makes her different from others and creates a unique experience based on her branding.
**Her book is a MUST read by the way**

2.Develop a signature system you take clients through

When you are serving clients on a coaching call or even in person, you should be taking them through a proven step-by-step process that gets results. In terms of system, think of it as a sequence of events (1st you do this, 2nd you do that, 3rd you do this). Your system will typically be based on the process you went through to be/do/have whatever you are helping others do.

For example, in my own business I have my Confidence Blueprint Coaching. I take my clients through my signature system which is to heal, evolve, and then grow into the woman you desire to be. I do this by first giving my client a self-assessment, then on each coaching call I take my client step-by-step through a series of exercises which finally conclude with the client receiving a custom action plan to follow over a period of time to help her grow and evolve.


3.Practice before asking for pay

Before charging for your services perfect your craft. Ask people to talk with you for 15-45 minutes so you can see how comfortable you feel, see what people’s biggest challenges are in your expertise, and see how you could position your coaching to be more unique based on people’s needs.

In order to be a coach, it is optional to receive some form of coaching training. Training does however help you build your confidence. But don’t let lack of formal training be an excuse for you not pursuing your purpose.

Depending on how well versed you are in a topic and how comfortable you feel working with others. You can still launch your coaching business without formal training or start and then receive coaching down the line.


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